May it please your Majesty, I accuse this man of piracy and murder! Was ever a gentleman...

Captain Kidd1945
May it please your Majesty
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Adam Mercy:
May it please your Majesty, I accuse this man of piracy and murder!
Capt. William Kidd:
Was ever a gentleman so misfortunate?
King William III:
Lock him up in Newgate. He's to be held for the next session of the Court of Oyez and Terminer - there to be tried for his life.
[the palace guards grab Captain Kidd]

Capt. William Kidd:
Hands off me, you scum! All I done was for the credit and for the honor and glory of England!


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through the perilous waters of Madagascar.
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- May it please Your Majesty. - Yes.
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That need a bold and adventurous man.
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Bring in this Captain Kidd while we take the measure of him.
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Captain William Kidd.
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Your Royal Majesty and other Lords..
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Bellomont, is this your roaring killer of Spanish buccaneers?
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Nay me Lord, I'm only a peaceful ship-master who must do trade with other ships...
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without inquiring too closely about their business.
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And it was so I fell into the hands of the Twelve Apostles.
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- A King's ship turned pirate. - In Madagascar waters?
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I have never been in Madagascar waters your Grace.
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It was off the southern tip of Africa, where I had gone to trade in elephant's teeth.
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- Who commanded her? - One of your admirals Your Majesty.

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Uploaded: 28 September, 2021
Genres: adventure, biography, drama
Summary: The unhistorical adventures of pirate Captain Kidd revolve around treasure and treachery.


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Adam Mercy - Randolph Scott
Capt. William Kidd - Charles Laughton
King William III - Henry Daniell