Okay line up
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Okay, line up. Line up! Move it! On your feet right now, two lines! Alice and Mary, eyes...

Carrie 1976
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Miss Collins:
Okay, line up.
[Nobody listens]

Miss Collins:
Line up!
[the girls rise to their feet, still conversing with each other, moving slowly]

Miss Collins:
Move it! On your feet right now, two lines!
[They begin forming the two lines she demanded]

Miss Collins:
Alice and Mary, eyes front! Katie!
[the girls all form two perfect lines, quiet themselves and look to Miss Collins, except for Chris Hargenson]

Miss Collins:
You too, Chris!
[Chris turns around from her conversation, chewing on gum]

Miss Collins:
And spit out that gum!
Chris Hargenson:
Where'll I put, Miss Collins?
Miss Collins:
You could choke on it for all I care, just get it out of your mouth!
[Chris, slightly angry, tears off a piece of loose leaf paper and uses it to take the gum out of her mouth; Miss Collins walks down the line to Norma standing there with a smirk upon her face]

Miss Collins:
Wipe that smirk off your face, Norma.
[Norma complies with some fear of Miss Collins]

Miss Collins:
Okay. Now, I want you all to know that you did a really shitty thing yesterday, a really shitty thing.
[Some laughter from Helen]

Miss Collins:
Did any of ever stop to think that Carrie White has feelings? Do any of you ever stop to think? No, I guess you're too busy thinking about your dates and the Prom. I guess you can take your pick, Chris. Who's the lucky guy?
Chris Hargenson:
Billy Nolan.
Miss Collins:
Chris Hargenson:
[With some annoyance]
Billy Nolan.
Miss Collins:
[a little more testy]
I'm sorry, can't hear you, could you speak up?
Chris Hargenson:
[With anger]
Billy Nolan!
Miss Collins:
Well, isn't he the lucky one? What about you, Sue? Who's taking you?
Sue Snell:
[With tears in her eyes from feeling the guilt]
Tommy Ross.
Miss Collins:
Right. Now my idea for this little trick you pulled was 3 days suspension and refusal of your Prom tickets.
[All the girls start squirming uncomfortably]

Miss Collins:
That'd get you where live, wouldn't it? And you deserve it. I don't think any of you have any idea of just how nasty what you did really was. But the office has decided you're to have one week's detention.
[the girls all relax, feeling relieved]

Miss Collins:
Still, there's one little catch: It's to be my detention.
[the girls groan]

Miss Collins:
It's 50 minutes, everyday, starting today on the athletic field. Get the picture?
Chris Hargenson:
I'm not coming.
Miss Collins:
That's up to you, Chris. That's up to all of you. Punishment for skipping detention is 3 days suspension and refusal of your Prom tickets.
[More groaning from the girls]

Miss Collins:
Any other thoughts?
[Silence from the girls]

Miss Collins:
Good. Now change up.
[She leaves. with the other girls going to change up for gym class]

Chris Hargenson:
Where you going?
[Norma tries to get Chris to see reason]

Chris Hargenson:
I'm not coming!
You're really not gonna come? You're gonna miss out on the Prom?
Chris Hargenson:
I'm NOT coming!
Well, you're gonna miss the Prom.
[She walks away]

Chris Hargenson:


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:01.959
Okay line up
00:00:03.669 --> 00:00:04.837
Line up
00:00:06.089 --> 00:00:07.508
Move it
00:00:09.802 --> 00:00:13.347
On your feet right now Two lines
00:00:15.766 --> 00:00:19.394
Alice and Mary eyes front
00:00:19.561 --> 00:00:21.146
00:00:23.483 --> 00:00:25.527
You too Chris
00:00:25.693 --> 00:00:28.154
And spit out that gum
00:00:28.321 --> 00:00:31.095
Where'll I put it Miss Collins You can choke on it for all I care
00:00:32.003 --> 00:00:34.041
Just get it out of your mouth

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Timestamp in movie: 00:21:51
Uploaded: 20 February, 2022
Genres: horror, mystery
Summary: Carrie White, a shy, friendless teenage girl who is sheltered by her domineering, religious mother, unleashes her telekinetic powers after being humiliated by her classmates at her senior pr... Read all


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Miss Collins - Betty Buckley
Chris Hargenson - Nancy Allen
Sue Snell - Amy Irving
Helen - Edie McClurg
Norma - P.J. Soles
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