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"Catch Me Daddy" quotes

Catch Me Daddy poster
Laila, a girl on the run from her family is hiding out in West Yorkshire with her drifter boyfriend Aaron. When her brother arrives in town with a gang of thugs in tow, she is forced to flee for her life and faces her darkest night.

Director: Daniel Wolfe, Matthew Wolfe
Writer: Daniel Wolfe, Matthew Wolfe
Production: N/A
Genre: drama, thriller
Year: 2014
MetaScore: 64/100
ImdbRating: 6.3
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 27 Feb 2015
Awards: 3 wins & 7 nominations

3 Clips


Tony - Gary Lewis
Junaid - Anwar Hussain
Junaid's Daughter - Laila Bano
Barry - Barry Nunney
Tariq - Wasim Zakir
Zaheer - Ali Ahmad
Shoby - Shoby Kaman
Jay the Falconer - Jay Ali
Damage - Ben Musson
Milkshaker - Adam Rayner
Taxi Driver - Shahid Ahmed
Pub Landlord - David McBlain
Tanning Salon Girl - Katarzyna Szymanska
Vicky's Boyfriend - Nicky Bell
Aaron's Mum - Kate Dickie
Barney - Gareth Wood
Snips - Vicky Davies
Snips - Gina Hale
Catholic Club - Gwyn Hollis
Catholic Club - John Hyde
Catholic Club - Sean Morgan
Catholic Club - Ellis Hirsch
Catholic Club - Harry Houton
Catholic Club - Paul Wright
Catholic Club - Richard Kelly
Catholic Club - Adam Johnson
Catholic Club - Jemma Nelson
Catholic Club - Imogen Grant
Catholic Club - Shaleigh Graham
Milkshake Bar - Cameron Gilsernan
Milkshake Bar - Leanne McGuiness
Pharmacist - Tracy Salmon
Pharmacist - Christopher Raine
Central Garage - John Creegan
Central Garage - Aaron Dawson
Taxi Rank - Terry Hall
Taxi Rank - Colin Nutton
Bouncer - Paul Gray
Bouncer - Rory Hughes
Bouncer - Steve Allen
Kidnapper - Ray Shafi
Kidnapper - Khurum Sheikh
Kidnapper - Addas Yasi
Kidnapper - Yoonus Mistry
People of Yorkshire & Lancashire - Tony Paskin
People of Yorkshire & Lancashire - Jack Simpson
People of Yorkshire & Lancashire - Dawn Taylor
People of Yorkshire & Lancashire - John Lowther