"Clockwise" quotes

Clockwise poster
An obsessively punctual comprehensive school headmaster sets out to give an important speech at the annual Headmasters' Conference.

Director: Christopher Morahan
Writer: Michael Frayn
Production: N/A
Genre: comedy
Year: 1986
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 6.6
BoxOffice: $1,476,356
Released: 10 Oct 1986
Awards: 1 nomination

13 Clips


Brian Stimpson - John Cleese
Woman Teacher - Penny Leatherbarrow
Mr. Jolly - Stephen Moore
Gwenda Stimpson - Alison Steadman
Studious Boy - Mark Bunting
Streaker - Robert Wilkinson
Ticket Collector - John Bardon
Glen Scully - Mark Burdis
Mandy Kostakis - Nadia Sawalha
Man at Station - Dickie Arnold
First Class Passenger - Angus MacKay
Porter - Peter Needham
Taxi Driver - Peter Lorenzelli
Paul Stimpson - Chip Sweeney
Laura Wisely - Sharon Maiden
Mrs. Trellis - Joan Hickson
Mrs. Wheel - Constance Chapman
Mrs. Way - Ann Way
Petrol Station Cashier - Ann-Marie Gwatkin
Manager - Mohammed Ashiq
Mrs. Wisely - Pat Keen
Mr. Wisely - Geoffrey Hutchings
Policeman with Mrs Wheel - Geoffrey Greenhill
Policeman at Crash - Richard Ridings
Policeman at Crash - Geoffrey Davion
Man in Telephone Box - Charles Bartholomew
Pat's Mother - Sheila Keith
Pat's Son - Christian Regan
Policeman at Telephone Box - Alan Parnaby
Ivan with the Tractor - Tony Haygarth
Woman in Lane - Susan Field
Policeman Arresting Pat - Leslie Schofield
Policeman with Black Eye - Mike Glynn
Headmaster - Benjamin Whitrow
Headmaster - Geoffrey Palmer
Headmaster - Nicholas Le Prevost
Headmaster - Peter Cellier
Headmaster - David Conville
Headmaster - Patrick Godfrey
Headmaster - Rupert Massey
Headmaster - John Rowe
Headmaster - Philip Voss
Headmaster - Jeffry Wickham
Det. Sgt. Rice - Nick Stringer
Detective Constable - Graeme Green
Porsche Driver - Sidney Livingstone
Man in Wood - Michael Percival
Det. Insp. Laundryman - Peter Jonfield
Detective Constable - Brian Portsmouth
Willy Black - Graeme Ford
School Boy - Danny Lee