I am trying to save your life

I am trying to save your life! You're ruining my life! What? Music's the only way that...

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[Miguel is being chased by Mama Imelda, and he goes through a door in the alleyway]

Mamá Imelda:
I am trying to save your life!
You're ruining my life!
Mamá Imelda:
Music's the only way that makes me happy. And, you wanna take that away! You'll never understand!
[Miguel turns to leave, but then he stops when he hears Mama Imelda singing a verse of "La Llorona"]

[questioned, turning back]
I thought you hated music.
Mamá Imelda:
[smiling nostalgically]
I LOVED it! I remember that my husband would play, and I loved to sing, and nothing else mattered.
[stops smiling; calmly]

Mamá Imelda:
But when we had Coco, there was something that mattered more than music. I wanted to put down roots. He wanted to play for the world. We each made a sacrifice to get what we want. Now, you must make a choice.
But, I don't want to pick sides. Why won't you just be on my side? That's what families do. Support you!

But you never will...
[Miguel runs away, leaving Mama Imelda looking shocked and hurt]


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.741
I am trying to save your life
00:00:02.877 --> 00:00:04.834
You're ruining my life What
00:00:05.129 --> 00:00:09.499
Music's the only thing that makes me happy And you want to take it away
00:00:10.001 --> 00:00:11.833
You'll never understand
00:00:15.097 --> 00:00:19.762
Y aunque la vida me cueste Llorona
00:00:19.935 --> 00:00:23.679
No dejar de quererte
00:00:25.191 --> 00:00:26.853
I thought you hated music
00:00:26.984 --> 00:00:31.979
I loved it I remember that feeling
00:00:32.698 --> 00:00:38.695
when my husband would play and I would sing and nothing else mattered
00:00:40.122 --> 00:00:44.867
But when we had Coco suddenly there was something in my life that
00:00:45.997 --> 00:00:50.013
mattered more than music I wanted to put down roots
00:00:51.175 --> 00:00:53.838
He wanted to play for the world
00:00:55.179 --> 00:00:58.388
We each made a sacrifice to get what we wanted
00:00:58.557 --> 00:01:00.799
Now you must make a choice
00:01:00.976 --> 00:01:03.719
But I don't want to pick sides
00:01:03.896 --> 00:01:08.999
Why can't you be on my side That's what family's supposed to do

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Uploaded: 20 November, 2022
Genres: family, animation, fantasy, music, comedy, adventure
Summary: Despite his family’s baffling generations-old ban on music, Miguel dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz. Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel finds himself in the stunning and colorful Land of the Dead following a mysterious chain of events. Along the way, he meets charming trickster Hector, and together, they set off on an extraordinary journey to unlock the real story behind Miguel's family history.


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