Miguel? Mamá Imelda? WHAT is going on?

Coco 2017
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Mamá Imelda:
[seeing Miguel in the Land of the Dead; surprised]
Mamá Imelda?
Mamá Imelda:
[puts her hands on her hips; suspiciously to the rest of the Rivera family]
WHAT is going on?

Then her grandkids
got roped in.
As her family grew,
so did the business.
Music had torn
her family apart.
But shoes held
them all together.
You see, that woman was
my great-great-grandmother,
Mama Imelda.
She died
way before I was born.
But my family
still tells her story
every year
on Dia de los Muertos...
the Day of the Dead.
And her little girl,
she's my great-grandmother,
Mama Coco.
Hola, Mama Coco.
How are you, Julio?
Actually, my name is Miguel.
Mama Coco has trouble
remembering things.
But it's good
to talk to her anyway.
So, I tell her
pretty much everything.
I used to run like this.
But now I run like this
which is way faster.
And the winner
is Luchadora Coco!
I have a dimple on this side,
but not on this side.
Dimple, no dimple.
Dimple, no dimple.
Miguel, eat your food.
My abuelita,
she's Mama Coco's daughter.
Oh, you're a twig, mijo.
Have some more.
No, gracias.
I asked if you would
like more tamales!
That's what
I thought you said!
Abuelita runs our house
just like Mama Imelda did.
No music!
No music!
♪ Y aunque la vida ♪
No music!
I think we're
the only family in Mexico

Clip duration: 13 seconds
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Uploaded: 12 December, 2020
Genres: animation, adventure, family, fantasy, music, mystery
Summary: Aspiring musician Miguel, confronted with his family's ancestral ban on music, enters the Land of the Dead to find his great-great-grandfather, a legendary singer.


Mamá Imelda - Alanna Ubach