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Comanche Territory quotes

Comanche Territory poster
White settlers plan to defy the agreement between the government and the Comanche in order to mine for silver on Comanche lands, while scout Jim Bowie tries to keep the peace in the territor... Read all

Director: George Sherman
Writer: Lewis Meltzer, Oscar Brodney
Production: Universal International Pictures
Year: 1950
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 5.7
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 01 May 1950
Awards: N/A

7 Clips & Quotes


Katie Howard - Maureen O'Hara
James Bowie - Macdonald Carey
Dan'l Seeger - Will Geer
Stacey Howard - Charles Drake
Pakanah - Rick Vallin
Boozer, the Bartender - Parley Baer
Big Joe - Glenn Strange
Townsman - John Barton
Townsman - Phil Bloom
Rancher at Shindig - Stanley Blystone
Townsman - Chet Brandenburg
Newcomer at Shindig - John Cason
Comanche - Iron Eyes Cody
Townsman - Victor Cox
Townsman - Jack Curtis
Townsman - Russell Custer
Stableman - William Fawcett
Stacey Henchman - Terry Frost
Townsman - Clem Fuller
Barfly - Chick Hannan
Old Timer at Shindig - Harry Harvey
Newcomer at Shindig - I. Stanford Jolley
Townsman - Robert Milasch
Townsman - Ernesto Molinari
Townsman - Charles Perry
Barfly - Jack Perry
Townsman - Robert Robinson
Weapons Wagon Driver - Phil Schumacher
Barfly - Cap Somers
Saloon Brawler - Tom Steele
Brawler in Saloon - Ken Terrell
Townsman - Jack Tornek
Barfly Talking to Katie - Guy Wilkerson
Barfly - Harry Wilson