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A working mother puts herself through law school in an effort to represent her brother, who has been wrongfully convicted of murder and has exhausted his chances to appeal his conviction thr... Read all

Director: Tony Goldwyn
Writer: Pamela Gray
Production: N/A
Year: 2010
MetaScore: 61/100
ImdbRating: 7.2
BoxOffice: $6,783,129
Released: 05 Nov 2010
Awards: 9 wins & 10 nominations

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Betty Anne Waters - Hilary Swank
Kenny Waters - Sam Rockwell
Law Professor (as Thomas Mahard) - Thomas D. Mahard
Richard - Conor Donovan
Law Professor 2 - Laurie Brown
Abra Rice - Minnie Driver
Nancy Taylor - Melissa Leo
Desk Sergeant - Rusty Mewha
Officer Boisseau - Marc Macaulay
Young Betty Anne - Bailee Madison
Young Kenny - Tobias Campbell
Boyfriend - Frank Zieger
Elizabeth Waters - Karen Young
Rick - Loren Dean
Brenda Marsh - Clea DuVall
Guy in Bar - Tobiasz Daszkiewicz
Guy's Girlfriend - Iris Ingram
Minister - John Lepard
State Trooper - Jake Andolina
Prosecuting Attorney - Talia Balsam
Global Van Lines Witness - Wallace Bridges
Defense Attorney - Marty Bufalini
Medical Examiner - Doug Hamilton
Blood Expert - Sarab Kamoo
Roseanna Perry - Juliette Lewis
Trial Judge (as Hugh McGuire) - Hugh Maguire
Mrs. Brow - Michele Messmer
Social Service Woman - Annabel Armour
Court Clerk (as Toya Brazell) - Toya D. Brazell
Jury Foreman - Heather Kozlakowski
Law Student - Matt Hollerbach
Law Student 2 - Zack Fealk
Bar Exam Woman - Linda Hurd
Huy Dao - Michael Liu
Prison Guard 'Stash' - Paul Burt
Desk Sergent 2 (as York Griffith) - York R. Griffith
Lt. Daniels - Gordon Michaels
Neighborhood Girl - Alana Jo Beckman
Neighborhood Boy - Ethan Cutkosky
Courthouse Clerk (as Eddie Hurcho) - Eddie Huchro
Mrs. Halloran - Jane Alderman
Barry Scheck - Peter Gallagher
Dr. McGilvray - Janet Ulrich Brooks
Prison Guard 2 - Gary Davis
Prison Guard 3 - Rick LeFevour
Mandy Marsh - Ari Graynor
Martha Coakley (as Jennifer Roberts) - Jennifer G. Roberts
Release Judge - Linda Boston
Reporter (as Kam Carman) - Kammi Carmann
Reporter 2 - Julia Ho
Reporter 3 - Peter Carey
Admissions Counselor - Melissa Bickerton
Law Student - Kelly Bacon
Law Student - Nicole Blaszczyk
Prisoner - Keith Cameron
College Student - Steven Clark
Law Student - Dylan Copp
Ayer Cop - Donavan Darius
Corrections Officer - David Galler
Jocelyn - Megan Maczko
Courthouse Pedestrian - Runako Marshall
Bar Patron - Jessica McLarty
Gum Chewing Girl - Jordan Monaghan
Law Student - Gino Raona
Bar Exam Student - Laith Salim
Law Student - Jeffrey Scott Basham
Law Student - Rohen Shah
Law Student - Alissa Shelton
Sibling - Marq Speck
Warden / NYC Driver - Morris Lee Sullivan
Law Student - Steven Sutherland
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