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Cry Baby quotes

Cry Baby poster
Allison is a "square" good girl who has decided she wants to be bad and falls hard for Cry-Baby Walker, a Greaser (or "Drape" in John Waters parlance). Spoofing Elvis movies and Juvenile Delinquency scare films of the '50s, this movie follows the adventures of Cry-Baby who, though he is sent to juvie, is determined to cross class (and taste) boundaries to get Allison back.

Director: John Waters
Writer: John Waters
Production: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Pictures
Genre: comedy, musical
Year: 1990
MetaScore: 63/100
ImdbRating: 6.5
BoxOffice: $8,266,343
Released: 06 Apr 1990
Awards: N/A

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Cry-Baby - Johnny Depp
Allison Vernon-Williams - Amy Locane
Ramona Rickettes - Susan Tyrrell
Mrs. Vernon-Williams - Polly Bergen
Belvedere Rickettes - Iggy Pop
Pepper Walker - Ricki Lake
Wanda Woodward - Traci Lords
Mona 'Hatchet-Face' Malnorowski - Kim McGuire
Milton Hackett - Darren E. Burrows
Baldwin - Stephen Mailer
Lenora Frigid - Kim Webb
Toe-Joe - Alan J. Wendl
Hatchet's Father - Troy Donahue
Hatchet's Mother - Mink Stole
Milton's Father - Joe Dallesandro
Milton's Mother - Joey Heatherton
Wanda's Father - David Nelson
Wanda's Mother - Patricia Hearst
Hateful Guard - Willem Dafoe
Snare-Drum - Jonathan Benya
Susie-Q - Scout Raskin
Dupree - Robert Tyree
Dupree's Girlfriend - Angie Levroney
Whiffle #1 - Drew Ebersole
Whiffle #2 - Kenny Curtis
Whiffle #3 - Scott Neilson
Judge - Robert Walsh
Conk #1 - Craig Wallace
Conk #3 - Regi Davis
Conk #4 - Nick Fleming
Conk #5 - Robbie Jones
Mrs. Tadlock - Vivienne Shub
Angelic Boyfriend - Robert Marbury
Strip Poker #1 - Skip Spencer
Strip Poker #2 - Holter Graham
Night Court Parent - Susan Lowe
Snake-Eyes Hood - Dan Griffith
Convict #1 - Kirk McEwen
Convict #2 - Eric Lucas
Convict #3 - Frank Maldonado
Convict #4 - Patrick Mitchell
Picnic Mother - Mary Vivian Pearce
Mean Guard - Steve Aronson
Pepper's Baby - Kelly Goldberg
Mean Policeman - Brad Baker
Additional Voices - John Blyth Barrymore
The Gill Man - Ben Chapman
Drape Gang Friend - John Calvin Doyle
Dancer - Patrick Egan
Square - Cindy Geppi
Extra in red flannel shirt at Theme Park - Chip Harrison
Wade 'Cry-Baby' Walker - James Intveld
Additional Conk - David Christopher Johnson
Baltimore Reporter - Michael Stanton Kennedy
Corrections Officer - Peter Koper
Drapette - Autumn Lucas
Smoker Kid - Jeff Mandon
Howling Square-Boy - Stephen William Moore
Prison Screening Cop - Mark Moorhead
Ko Jo Jackson - Joey Perillo
Goody Two-Shoes - Carmen Renee Reynolds
Warden - Bruce Roberts
Allison Vernon-Williams - Rachel Sweet
Reporter #2 - Gary Wheeler
Girl at Vaccine Row - Greer Yeaton