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Universal Pictures' last theatrically released traditionally animated movie, for now, as well as Universal Pictures' first fully animated movie to have a theatrical release since Balto (1995).GoofsIt is often claimed that George is an ape, not a monkey, because he has no tail. However, there are a few tail-less monkey species such as the Barbary macaque. It is conceivable that George is such a species, probably a fictitious one.QuotesTed: Okay, his name is...

Director: Matthew O'Callaghan
Writer: Ken Kaufman, Mike Werb, Margret Rey
Production: Universal Pictures
Year: 2006
MetaScore: 62/100
ImdbRating: 6.5
BoxOffice: $58,360,760
Released: 10 Feb 2006
Awards: 1 nomination

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George - Frank Welker
Ted - Man with the Yellow Hat - Will Ferrell
Clovis - Eugene Levy
Mr. Bloomsberry - Dick Van Dyke
Junior - David Cross
Manager - Billy West
Salesman - Jeff Bennett
Seen It Cab Driver - Michael Sorich
Ivan - Ed O'Ross
Ms. Plushbottom - Joan Plowright
Animal Control Receptionist - Kath Soucie
Balloon Man - Clint Howard
Additional Voices - Kimberly Brooks
Additional Voices - Wendy Cutler
Additional Voices - Joey D'Auria
Additional Voices - Richard Epcar
Additional Voice - Treva Etienne
Additional Voices - Eddie Frierson
Additional Voices - Donald Fullilove
Additional Voices - Philip Maurice Hayes
Additional Voices - Bridget Hoffman
Additional Voices - Rif Hutton
Additional Voices - Steve Kehela
Additional Voices - Grier King
Additional Voices - Donna Lynn Leavy
Additional Voice - Nadia Lewis
Additional Voices - John Mariano
Additional Voices - Caitlin McKenna
Additional Voice - Kerry Michele
Additional Voices - Juan Pope
Additional Voices - Jonny Solomon
Additional Voices - Mandy Fabian
Additional Voices - Fred Tatasciore