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You'll be transferred to the other cellblock

You'll be transferred to the other cellblock, at some point tomorrow. That's the cellblock...

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You'll be transferred to the other cellblock, at some point tomorrow.
That's the cellblock where they hang people?
Yeah. That's were they spend the last day.
And then they do the 107 steps - it's from that room to the gallows, isn't it?
That's what they say, Selma. But, look it, you're gonna get your stay. Why don't you try to think of something nice. All right?
It's just so quiet here.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:04.094
Uh well you'll be transferred to the other
00:00:04.094 --> 00:00:07.024
cell block at some point tomorrow
00:00:10.001 --> 00:00:12.098
That's the cell block where they hang people
00:00:16.079 --> 00:00:19.045
Yeah that's where they
00:00:19.045 --> 00:00:22.026
spend the last day
00:00:22.026 --> 00:00:25.046
And then they do their 1 07 steps
00:00:25.046 --> 00:00:28.056
It's from that room
00:00:28.056 --> 00:00:30.043
to the gallows isn't it
00:00:32.043 --> 00:00:35.027
That's what they say Selma but
00:00:35.027 --> 00:00:36.064
Look at
00:00:36.064 --> 00:00:38.051
You're gonna get your stay
00:00:38.051 --> 00:00:41.998
Why don't you try to think of something nice
00:00:41.998 --> 00:00:42.001
all right
00:00:45.065 --> 00:00:47.098
It's just so quiet here

Clip duration: 55 seconds
Views: 245
Timestamp in movie: 01h 49m 16s
Uploaded: 25 November, 2022
Genres: drama, crime
Summary: Selma, a Czech immigrant on the verge of blindness, struggles to make ends meet for herself and her son, who has inherited the same genetic disorder and will suffer the same fate without an expensive operation. When life gets too difficult, Selma learns to cope through her love of musicals, escaping life's troubles - even if just for a moment - by dreaming up little numbers to the rhythmic beats of her surroundings.


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