We saw your film at our local flea bit
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We saw your film at our local flea-bit. Oh, yes. I was sorry we didn't see more of you....

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Ivor Dawlish:
We saw your film at our local flea-bit.
Diana Scott:
Oh, yes.
Ivor Dawlish:
I was sorry we didn't see more of you.
Helen Dawlish:
Unfortunately, we missed the beginning.
Rupert Crabtree:
The best part! You were stunning.
Diana Scott:
Oh, you like my black lingerie, did you?
Helen Dawlish:
Ivor's been after me to buy some.
Ivor Dawlish:
Helen, is nothing sacred?
Helen Dawlish:
Not much.


00:00:00.731 --> 00:00:02.013
All right.
00:00:03.000 --> 00:00:05.023
Saw your film at our local fleapit.
00:00:05.336 --> 00:00:08.499
- Sorry we didn't see more of you. - Sadly, we missed the beginning.
00:00:08.606 --> 00:00:10.574
Best part. You were stunning.
00:00:10.674 --> 00:00:13.234
You liked my black lingerie, did you?
00:00:14.345 --> 00:00:17.906
- Ivor's been after me to buy some. - Really, is nothing sacred?
00:00:18.001 --> 00:00:19.175
Not much.
00:00:20.718 --> 00:00:23.038
See what your type of picture does to our suburban morals?
00:00:23.487 --> 00:00:25.182
Honestly, you were jolly good.
00:00:25.723 --> 00:00:26.849
Thank you.
00:00:27.224 --> 00:00:30.421
- Rupert makes films, too, you know. - How fascinating!
00:00:30.528 --> 00:00:32.894
Honestly, I thought we'd made a solemn pact.
00:00:32.997 --> 00:00:34.076
You must tell me all about it.
00:00:34.865 --> 00:00:38.198
It's something I had to do for the war house. A training film.
00:00:38.302 --> 00:00:39.086
A training film?
00:00:40.304 --> 00:00:42.272
How to Service an Armored Car.
00:00:42.706 --> 00:00:45.003
A star vehicle, no less.
00:00:46.031 --> 00:00:47.868
Hadn't thought of that.

Clip duration: 49 seconds
Views: 77
Timestamp in movie: 00:45:37
Uploaded: 18 October, 2021
Genres: drama, romance
Summary: Beautiful but amoral model Diana Scott sleeps her way to the top of the London fashion scene at the height of the Swinging Sixties.


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Ivor Dawlish - Angus MacKay
Diana Scott - Julie Christie
Helen Dawlish - Margaret Gordon
Rupert Crabtree - Richard Bidlake
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