Biggest piece of meat in the cave
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That's it, Steel! Whip it out! Fuckin' A! Biggest piece of meat in the cave! I don't wanna...

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[Steel is taunting the zombies in the corral]

Pvt. Rickles:
That's it, Steel! Whip it out!
Pvt. Steel:
Fuckin' A! Biggest piece of meat in the cave! I don't wanna frighten the lady, though, not with her boyfriend around.
You're incapable of exciting me, Steel, except as an anthropologic curiosity.
Pvt. Steel:
Oh, what the hell does that mean, Rickles?
Pvt. Rickles:
It means you're a caveman, asshole! You're a fuckin' throwback! You've been spendin' too much time underground! It's okay, Steel - throwbacks all got big dicks!
[Steel and Rickles laugh]


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.991
That's it steel whip it out
00:00:03.998 --> 00:00:04.162
That'll bring 'em on
00:00:04.017 --> 00:00:08.334
Fuckin' a biggest piece of meat in the cave
00:00:08.034 --> 00:00:10.376
I don't want to excite the lady though
00:00:10.384 --> 00:00:12.625
Not with your boyfriend around
00:00:12.636 --> 00:00:14.627
You're incapable of exciting me steel
00:00:14.638 --> 00:00:16.799
except as an anthropological curiosity
00:00:16.807 --> 00:00:18.889
Ooh What the hell's that mean rickles
00:00:18.893 --> 00:00:21.635
It means you're a cave man asshole
00:00:21.645 --> 00:00:23.727
You're a fuckin' throwback
00:00:23.731 --> 00:00:27.999
You been spending too much time underground huh
00:00:27.109 --> 00:00:29.225
It's okay steel
00:00:29.236 --> 00:00:31.568
Throwbacks all got big dicks

Clip duration: 35 seconds
Views: 324
Timestamp in movie: 00h 13m 25s
Uploaded: 16 November, 2022
Genres: horror, thriller, drama, mystery
Summary: Trapped in a missile silo, a small team of scientists, civilians, and trigger-happy soldiers battle desperately to ensure the survival of the human race. However, the tension inside the base is reaching a breaking point, and the zombies are gathering outside.


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