But it has no stomach
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It wants me! It wants food! But it has no stomach, can take no nourishment from what it...

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Dr. Logan:
It wants me! It wants food! But it has no stomach, can take no nourishment from what it ingests. It's acting on INSTINCT!


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.615
See it wants me
00:00:02.626 --> 00:00:05.834
It wants food but it has no stomach
00:00:05.838 --> 00:00:08.017
It can take no nourishment from what it ingests
00:00:08.173 --> 00:00:12.416
It's working on instinct On deep dark primordial instinct
00:00:12.428 --> 00:00:17.218
Decomposition occurs first on the frontal lobe the neocortex
00:00:17.224 --> 00:00:20.216
And next in the limbic system the middle brain
00:00:20.227 --> 00:00:21.933
But the core
00:00:21.937 --> 00:00:25.429
The core is the last thing to be attacked by the decay
00:00:25.441 --> 00:00:27.001
It's the r complex Sarah
00:00:27.067 --> 00:00:30.104
that central bit of prehistoric jelly
00:00:30.112 --> 00:00:32.444
that we inherited from the reptiles
00:00:32.448 --> 00:00:34.734
Here I've I've gone into the center here

Clip duration: 36 seconds
Views: 152
Timestamp in movie: 00h 23m 16s
Uploaded: 16 November, 2022
Genres: horror, thriller, drama, mystery
Summary: Trapped in a missile silo, a small team of scientists, civilians, and trigger-happy soldiers battle desperately to ensure the survival of the human race. However, the tension inside the base is reaching a breaking point, and the zombies are gathering outside.


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