Tomorrow morning
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I wish you were dead, old man. It'd be just as good if you were. George! I've got it!...

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[Golf buddies Larry and George, in a pub, are arguing over the beautiful Mary, whom they both desire, and who likes both of them. Mary sits crowded between them, yet they act as though she isn't there. All three look depressed, their chins slumped into their hands]

Larry Potter:
I wish you were dead, old man.
George Parratt:
It'd be just as good if you were.
Larry Potter:
George! I've got it!
George Parratt:
Larry Potter:
We'll play for her!
George Parratt:
Tomorrow morning. Eighteen holes!
Larry Potter:
Match play!
George Parratt:
The loser to vanish from the scene.
Larry Potter:
George Parratt:
Put it there, then.
[They shake hands]

Of course! Why didn't we think of it sooner!


00:00:03.002 --> 00:00:07.327
That number's still ragged. On your entrance, keep your heads down.
00:00:07.495 --> 00:00:11.659
- Our mothers told us not to do it. - You can't teach old daughters new tricks.
00:00:12.000 --> 00:00:14.787
We'll see if I can at 9:00 tomorrow morning.
00:00:15.211 --> 00:00:16.456
Rehearsals are at 10.
00:00:16.671 --> 00:00:20.419
Go on, you've got five minutes to make your change.
00:00:21.175 --> 00:00:23.999
Those little dames can sure gripe.
00:00:23.218 --> 00:00:25.544
The bigger the gripe, the better the army, Jim.
00:00:25.721 --> 00:00:28.425
- And there is a great army. - You're not kidding.
00:00:28.064 --> 00:00:30.218
Well, I just won't show up.
00:00:30.392 --> 00:00:32.965
I have an appointment at 9:00, and I'll keep it.
00:00:33.145 --> 00:00:36.264
It's my chance to get out of here and into the big time.
00:00:36.439 --> 00:00:40.271
- What big time? - The big time has nothing to do with 9:00.

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Uploaded: 28 September, 2021
Genres: drama, horror
Summary: Architect Walter Craig senses impending doom as his half-remembered recurring dream turns into reality. The guests at the country house encourage him to stay as they take turns telling super... Read all


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