"Death Wish" quotes

Death Wish poster
A New York City architect becomes a one-man vigilante squad after his wife is murdered by street punks. In self-defense, the vengeful man kills muggers on the mean streets after dark.

Director: Michael Winner
Writer: Brian Garfield, Wendell Mayes, Gerald Wilson
Production: N/A
Genre: action, crime, drama
Year: 1974
MetaScore: 51/100
ImdbRating: 6.9
BoxOffice: $22,000,000
Released: 24 Jul 1974
Awards: 2 nominations

24 Clips


Paul Kersey - Charles Bronson
Joanna Kersey - Hope Lange
Frank Ochoa - Vincent Gardenia
Jack Toby - Steven Keats
Sam Kreutzer - William Redfield
Aimes Jainchill - Stuart Margolin
Police Commissioner - Stephen Elliott
Carol Toby - Kathleen Tolan
District Attorney - Fred J. Scollay
Joe Charles - Robert Kya-Hill
Lt. Briggs - Edward Grover
Freak #1 - Jeff Goldblum
Spraycan - Gregory Rozakis
Desk Sergeant - Floyd Levine
Alma Lee Brown - Helen Martin
Andrew McCabe - Hank Garrett
Patrolman Reilly - Christopher Guest
Receptionist - Marcia Jean Kurtz
Cop at the Precinct - Olympia Dukakis
Mugger in Park #1 - Ken Ackles
Mourner at funeral - Marshall Anker
Subway Station Mugger #1 - John G. Becher
Woman in Chicago - Robyn Blythe
Fred Brown - William Bogert
Newsman - Bruce Brown
Man on street - Robert Dahdah
Cop at Hospital - Paul Dooley
Lady at police station - Starletta DuPois
Police at Precinct - Art Evans
Mugger on Street - Hector Freeman
Man in Park - Larry Gilman
Little Bo-Peep - Beverly Goodman
Crime Scene Photojournalist - Trent Gough
Street Gang and Police Officer - Carson Grant
Train Mugger #2 - John Herzfeld
Mugger in Park #2 - Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs
Subway Station Mugger #2 - Eric Laneuville
Alley Mugger #2 - Damien Leake
Cop at the Precinct - Len Lesser
Guard at Hotel Lobby - Al Lewis
Grocery Clerk - Sonia Manzano
Mugger - Robert Miano
Architect in Office - Jay Rasumny
Reporter - S. Pearl Sharp
Office Security Guard - Lee Steele
Mugger - B.T. Taylor