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David Wozniak is a man who is irresponsible and unreliable which doesn't exactly endear him to his family and his girlfriend. And when she tells him that she's pregnant, she tells him, she plans to do it on her own because she can't count on him. One day a lawyer shows up and talks to him about the fact that twenty years ago he was a sperm donor for about a year and his sperm was used to father over 500 children. And now over 100 of them want to know who he is but because he signed a confidentiality agreement, they can't be told who he is. So they are going to court to try to get the confidentiality set aside. His lawyer tells him that they can win this. But when the lawyer who saw him gives him info on the ones who want to see him, he takes a peek at one and decides to go see him and not tell him he's the father. He then goes out and checks out some of his other children and doesn't tell them who he is and connects with them. His lawyer tells him it could jeopardize their case, ...

Director: Ken Scott
Writer: Ken Scott (written for the screen by), Ken Scott (original screenplay "Starbuck"), Martin Petit (original screenplay "Starbuck")
Production: Andre Rouleau
Genre: comedy, drama
Year: 2013
MetaScore: 44/100
ImdbRating: 6.4
BoxOffice: $30,664,106
Released: 22 Nov 2013
Awards: N/A

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David - Vince Vaughn
Brett - Chris Pratt
Victor - Simon Delaney
Kristen - Britt Robertson
Channing - Matthew Daddario
African American Spa Worker - Jessica Williams
Young Romantic Girl - Leslie Ann Glossner
Young Boozer - Derrick Arthur
Andrew Johansson - Kevin Hopkins
18th Century Professor - Stephen Ellis
Brett's Four-Year-Old - Zachary Hernandez
Brett's Six-Year-Old - Erin Gerasimovich
Brett's Eight-Year-Old - Kyle Sutton
Judge Logan - Lynda Gravatt
Personal Care Attendant - Starla Benford
Attorney Williams - Damian Young
Loan Officer #1 - Finnerty Steeves
Loan Officer #2 - Don Guillory
Loan Officer #3 - Richard Poe
Reporter #1 - Jessica Abo
Reporter #2 - Logan Crawford
Reporter #3 - Alice Gainer
Customer #1 - Darin Guerrasio
Employee - Jonah Nathan
Mass Action Attorney - Bruce Altman
Teenage Clerk - Alexander Flores
Stroller Salesman - Matthew J. Walters
Straightforward Nurse - Stephanie Berry
Sport Store Owner - Joseph Tudisco
Scalper - Akim Black
Sabrina - Kate Dalton
Patrolman - Gabe Doran
Coffee Shop Owner - Glenn Fleshler
Male Nurse - Matthew Sean Blumm
Hospital Doctor - Mark Zimmerman
Girl with Short Skirt - Angela Bellotte
Boyfriend #1 - Pasha Pellosie
Boyfriend #2 - Connor Fox
Boyfriend #3 - Isaac H.W. Joseph
Jay Leno - Jay Leno
Bill Maher - Bill Maher
Victor's Wife - Nancy Nagrant
Alesky's Wife - Jamie Lynn Weisman
Ultrasound Technician - Pantea Karimi
Biological Son - Brendan Abbott
Biological Son - Coleman Annison
Biological Son - Brett Bainer
Orderly - Joseph Basile
Parking Guy - Esteban Benito
Biological Son - Matt Berman
Videographer - Michael R. Bollentin
Biological Son - Tyler Van Brussel
Biological Child - Vanessa Coelho
Biological Son - Michael Cólia
Biological Son - Anthony Dippolito
Biological Son - Andrew Duplessie
Knicks Fan - Soso Franchot
Beer Garden Patron - Shawn Gonzalez
Kid on the Horse in Playground - Danny Guzman
Teammate #1 - Troy Hall
Biological Child - Alex Hartman
Bloomingdale's Employee - Takako Haywood
Biological Son - Chris Hernandez
Coffee Shop Pedestrian - Rosemary Howard
Young David - Van Hughes
Newspaper Photographer - David Itchkawitz
Biological Daughter - Samantha Jaikaran
Biological Daughter - Alex Jennings
Basketball Player - Drew Jordan
News Reporter - Marc A. Joseph
Donut Shop Waitress - Zivile Kaminskaite
Customer #2 - Peter Kim
Twin Daughter - Camille Kitt
Twin Daughter - Kennerly Kitt
Informant - Ilan Krigsfeld
Basketball Player - Logan Kulick
Biological Son - George LaLov
Basketball Referee - Dennis Lauricella
Washington Wizards Coach - Pete Macnamara
Pool Spectator - Ronald Scott Maestri
News Cameraman - Skyler Mednick
Biological Daughter - Annika Merkel
Starbuck Kid - Margaret Montavon
Featured Daughter - Kayla Nadel-LaMotta
Biological Son - Malcolm Nicholas
Club Boy - Chris Nuñez
NBA Referee - Maceo Oliver
Photographer - Aaron Phillips
Biological Son - Andrew James Poole
School Child - Veronika Ann Rees
Press Photographer - Bennie Road
Child at Bus Stop - Cruz Rodriguez
Starbuck's Biological Daughter - Jelayna Rose
Loan Officer #4 - Rob Leo Roy
Biological Son - Sardor Sodikov
Daughter - Lauren Susan
Biological Daughter - Natasha Tax
Biological Daughter - Krista Tunnell
Polish Henchman - Joseph Urban
Additional Voices - Kiff VandenHeuvel
Teammate #2 - Chris VanDijk
Restaurant Owner - Steven Weisz
Starbuck Kid - Cris Williams
Camera Man - Sam Yazbeck
Camera Man - Jeremy Zierau