She kept a diary
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She kept a diary. It's great stuff. "Couldn't sleep. Went into kitchen. Gary came in,...

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She kept a diary. It's great stuff.

"Couldn't sleep. Went into kitchen. Gary came in, turned on light. Gary left. Finished birthday cake." Pages of it. It's got to be a cover, nobody's life could be this boring!
You shouldn't be reading that, it's private.
Yeah, well, it's not about her, it's about me. Listen to this.

"He's looking for Susan again. She's late returning from Mexico. This is the fifth ad he's run. Why does he want to see her so badly? Who is she?" And there's my picture. Gary, why didn't you tell me she read the Personals? I could have settled this yesterday.
She read them all the time. I didn't think...
Yeah, well, fortunately, for everybody, I'm here and I'm thinking.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.667
She kept a diary
00:00:02.752 --> 00:00:05.253
It's great stuff Couldn't sleep
00:00:05.063 --> 00:00:09.132
Went into kitchen Gary came in Turned on light
00:00:09.175 --> 00:00:11.635
Gary left Finished birthday cake
00:00:11.677 --> 00:00:16.431
Pages of it It's gotta be a cover Nobody's life could be this boring
00:00:17.141 --> 00:00:18.892
You shouldn't be reading that It's private
00:00:18.976 --> 00:00:22.479
Yeah well it's not about her It's about me Listen to this
00:00:23.189 --> 00:00:26.858
He's looking for Susan again She's late returning from Mexico
00:00:26.943 --> 00:00:28.443
This is his fifth ad
00:00:28.486 --> 00:00:31.363
Why does he want to see her so badly Who is she
00:00:32.823 --> 00:00:34.157
And there's my picture
00:00:34.825 --> 00:00:37.869
Gary why didn't you tell me she read the personals
00:00:37.954 --> 00:00:39.829
We could've settled this yesterday
00:00:40.079 --> 00:00:43.333
She read them all the time I didn't think
00:00:43.376 --> 00:00:46.795
Yeah well fortunately for everybody I'm here and I'm thinking

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Timestamp in movie: 01h 19m 45s
Uploaded: 18 November, 2022
Genres: comedy, drama
Summary: A bored New Jersey suburban housewife's fascination with a free-spirited woman she has read about in the personal columns leads to her being mistaken for the woman herself.


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Susan - Madonna