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I can't believe you're thinking of robbing a store

[Voices, and Faces inside Trip's head as He contemplates robbing a store]
I can't believe you're thinking of robbing a store, Trip. I mean, You don't pass go, and collect 200 Dollars for pulling Stuff like this, Man.
No shit, Man, is this really worth it? Still, You're gonna get Your ass kicked nine ways to Sunday by that fucking Gorilla, but I guess it's still a Hundred Times better than getting it Porked for the next Three to Five, right?
What about that Girl Trip, She'll never forget this Night. Even if You got away with it, She'll be Scarred for Life, I mean, when are You gonna realize some Day, that being Tough, means being Tender?
Alright everybody, just Shut up!
[All the Customers look at Trip questionably, as Trip fakes a Cough]

I can't believe you're thinking
of robbing this store.
You don't pass "Go" and collect
two hundred dollars...
for pulling stuff like this.
No shit.
Is this really worth it?
Sure, you're going
to get your ass kicked...
nine ways to Sunday
by that fucking gorilla...
but that's still
a hundred times better...
than getting it porked
for the next three to five.
What about that girl, Trip?
She'll never forget this night.
Even if you get away with it,
she'll be scarred for life.
When are you going to realize
that sometimes being tough...
means being tender?
All right, everybody,
shut up!
I'm going to have
to do this sometime.
Might as well be now.
Evening, honey.
You know what I am,
what this is...
and what you need to do,
so let's do it quick.
Everybody else...
kindly introduce yourselves
to the floor and kiss it hello.
Do it or die, bitch.
I'm just a high school kid.
Fuck school!
I went through the motions till
I was old enough to drop out.
And where's all that studying
going to get you tonight?
Robbed at gunpoint and possibly
shot in the fucking head!
Hey, scumbag, drop it,
or I'll blow your head off.
You and what army?
The Kiss Army.

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Movie: Detroit Rock City
Year: 1999
Genres: comedy, music
Summary: In 1978, four rebellious teenagers try to scam their way into a KISS concert.

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