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You're talking people passing around joints in the audience

Check it out, man. The question you gotta ask yourself is how badly do you wanna see the greatest fucking rock and roll show on the fucking Earth, right? We're talking about Gene and Paul live, dog! I'm talking about the most voluptuous women hanging out in the audience. I'm talking big breasteses, and tight vesteses, my friend! You're talking people passing around joints in the audience. You're talking about fuckin' Detroit Rock City, brother.
[points to strip club]

Shake your wee-wee!

Check it out, man.
The question you
got to ask yourself is...
how badly do you want to see...
the greatest fucking
rock-and-roll show...
on the fucking earth, right?
You're talkin'
Gene and Paul live, y'all.
I'm talkin' about voluptuous
women in the audience.
I'm talkin' big breastesses
in tight vestesses, my friend.
You're talkin' people passin'
around joints in the audience.
You're talkin' about
Detroit Rock City, brother.
Shake your wee-wee.
I got stage fright.
And they're playing
fucking disco over there.
Shit or get off the pot,
rock star.
You want to dance?
Or see Kiss on album covers
for the rest of your life?
Mmm, second row, center,
Go shake your wee-wee.
You're gonna have that ticket
for me, right?
Oh, yeah, man,
you got my solemn oath...
as a public servant.
Go for it, brother.
All right.
See you around.
Hey, chief,
you need a ticket?
Seventy-five bucks,
second row, center.
I'm gonna beat my ticket...
out of some poor
defenseless chump.
You know what I mean?
Yeah, whatever,
You fuckin' burnout.

Clip duration: 89 seconds
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Movie: Detroit Rock City
Year: 1999
Genres: comedy, music
Summary: In 1978, four rebellious teenagers try to scam their way into a KISS concert.

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