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What the fuck

The following people are to be released from their captors: In Northern Ireland, the seven members of the New Provo Front. In Canada, the five imprisoned leaders of Liberte de Quebec. In Sri Lanka, the nine members of the Asian Dawn movement...
John McClane:
[listening on the radio]
What the fuck?
[mouthing silently]
Asian Dawn?
[covers the radio]
I read about them in Time magazine.

They're well-financed
and very slick.
How do you
know that?
I've seen
enough phony I.D.s...
to recognize that the ones
they got must have cost a fortune.
Add all that up,
I don't know
what the fuck it means,
but you got some bad-ass
perpetrators here to stay.
I hear you, partner.
L.A.'s finest are on it.
Light 'em
if you got 'em.
Way ahead of you, partner.
So, what do I call you?
Call me...
If you think of
anything else,
don't you be shy, okay?
In the meantime,
let us do our job.
They're all yours, Al.

Clip duration: 64 seconds
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Movie: Die Hard
Year: 1988
Genres: action, thriller
Summary: An NYPD officer tries to save his wife and several others taken hostage by German terrorists during a Christmas party at the Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles.

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John McClane - Bruce Willis