Get out of here
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I think you're rotten. I think you're swell - so long as I'm not your husband. Get out of...

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I think you're rotten.
Walter Neff:
I think you're swell - so long as I'm not your husband.
Get out of here.
Walter Neff:
You bet I'll get out of here, baby. I'll get out of here but quick.


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Then you'd check to see if it was this year's or last year's calendar.
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Then you'd find out who printed the calendar...
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and find out if their calendar checked with the World Almanac's calendar.
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Now, that's enough from you, Walter.
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Now, get out of here before I throw my desk at you.
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I love you, too.
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I really did, too, you old crab...
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always yelling your head off, always sore at everybody.
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But you never fooled me with your song and dance. Not for a second.
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I kind of always knew that behind the cigar ashes on your vest...
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you had a heart as big as a house.

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Uploaded: 27 August, 2021
Genres: crime, drama, film-noir
Summary: A Los Angeles insurance representative lets an alluring housewife seduce him into a scheme of insurance fraud and murder that arouses the suspicion of his colleague, an insurance investigato... Read all


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Walter Neff - Fred MacMurray
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