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As his kingdom is being threatened by the Turks, young prince Vlad Tepes must become a monster feared by his own people in order to obtain the power needed to protect his own family, and the... Read all

Director: Gary Shore
Writer: Matt Sazama, Burk Sharpless, Bram Stoker
Production: N/A
Year: 2014
MetaScore: 40/100
ImdbRating: 6.2
BoxOffice: $56,280,355
Released: 10 Oct 2014
Awards: 3 wins & 5 nominations

21 Clips


Vlad - Luke Evans
Mirena - Sarah Gadon
Ingeras - Art Parkinson
Master Vampire - Charles Dance
Brother Lucian - Paul Kaye
Captain Petru - Noah Huntley
Simion - Ronan Vibert
Shkelgim - Zach McGowan
Hamza Bey - Ferdinand Kingsley
General Omer - Joseph Long
Bright Eyes - Thor Kristjansson
Mihai - Joe Benjamin
Nicolae - Paul Bullion
Andrei - Mish Boyko
Governess - Dilan Gwyn
General Ismail - Arkie Reece
Mihai's Father - Phil Zimmerman
Wealthy Boyar - Dominic Borrelli
Turkish General - Tom Benedict Knight
Intrigued Boyar - Paul Casar
Mehmed's Adjutant - Stavros Demetraki
Mirena's Handmaiden - Ruth Baxter
Mirena's Handmaiden - Rachel Kennedy
Mirena's Handmaiden - Louise Parker
Lucian's Monk - Glen Barry
Lucian's Monk - Shane McCaffrey
Lucian's Monk - Gary Whelan
Omer's Adjutant - Guillaume Meliot
Vlad's Castle Guard - Jason Coalter
Vlad's Castle Guard - John Friel
Vlad Castle Guard - Cole Currin
Vlad's Castle Guard - Andrew Laverty
Vlad Soldier - Matthew Ã…kerfeldt
Vlad's Soldier - Eugene Furphy
Vlad's Soldier - Chris Cherry
Vlad's Soldier - Graham Hutton
Vlad's Soldier - Chris Keenan
Vlad's Soldier - Ross Moneypenny
Vlad's Soldier - Joe Kelly Jr.
Vlad's Soldier - Bobby Marno
Vlad's Soldier - Phil McKee
Vlad's Soldier - Darren McMullan
Vlad's Soldier - Andrew McQuade
Vlad's Soldier - Connor Schelling-Tisza
Boyar Man - Graham Cave
Boyar Man - Norman Coates
Boyar Man - Xander Duffy
Boyar Man - Tyrone Kearns
Boyar Man - Gordon Bell
Boyar Man - Al Geddes
Boyar Man - Arthur Halligey
Boyar Man - Paul Kavanagh
Boyar Man - Derek Mayne
Boyar Man - Gavin McCormick
Boyar Man - Paul Monahan
Boyar Man - Jeffrey O'Brien
Lady of the Court - Charlene Gleeson
Lady of the Court - Ann O'Connor
Lady of the Court - Gretta Shore
Lady of the Court - Orlaith Shore
Lady of the Court - Penelope Simmons
Child of the Court - Hunter Stratton Boland
Child of the Court - Maria Laird
Child of the Court - Aodhan McGowan
Dead Peasant - Sarah-Louise Haveron
Transylvanian Villager - Lasco Atkins
Young Turkish Soldier - Volkan Ay
Transylvanian Boy - Charlie Berkeley
Monk No6 - Frank Cannon
Market Shopper - John Carr
High Armour Turkish Guard - Andrew Cassidy
Hero Boy - Ash Cook
Turkish General 7 - Darren Speers Crothers
Monk - Roger Dane
Peasant Man - Laurence Doherty
Castle Gaurd - Nick Donald
Bright Eyes Jannisary - James Edlin
Bright Eyes' Janissary - Micheal Fay
Turkish Soldier - Craig Goult
Adjutant - Richard Hansen
Young Dracula (during the opening sequence) - Justin E. Hayward
Hero Boy - Peter Heenan
Jacqune - Bobby Leigh
Handmaiden - Mel Lyle
Turkish General - Davide Manganelli
Peasant - Felicity McKee
Handmaiden - Joana Metrass
Ottoman Soldier - Jesse Morris
The Village Elder - J.J. Murphy
Terrorised Turk - Niall Murphy
Vlad soldier - Jeffrey Nelson
Ottoman Soldier - Aaron Rolph
Ottoman army captain - Bomber Hurley Smith
Ottoman soldier - Michael Soteriou
Vlad Soldier - Marco Staines
Market shopper - TyLean Tuijl
Ottoman Soldier - Freigeist van Tazzy
Office Worker - John Warman
Hamza Bey Adjutant - Omar Youssef
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