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Dr. Joe Darrow is a recently widowed doctor. He is grieving due to the death of his pregnant wife in a Red Cross mission in Venezuela. Although being atheist, he began to believe that his dead wife wants to communicate with him, through her young patients in the Pediatrics of a Chicago hospital.

Director: Tom Shadyac
Writer: Brandon Camp (story), Mike Thompson (story), David Seltzer (screenplay), Brandon Camp (screenplay), Mike Thompson (screenplay)
Production: Universal Pictures, Shady Acres Entertainment, NDE Productions
Year: 2002
MetaScore: 25/100
ImdbRating: 6.1
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 22 Feb 2002
Awards: 1 nomination.

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Joe Darrow - Kevin Costner
Emily Darrow - Susanna Thompson
Hugh Campbell - Joe Morton
Charlie Dickinson - Ron Rifkin
Mrs. Belmont - Kathy Bates
Jeffrey Reardon - Robert Bailey Jr.
Flora - Lisa Banes
Neil Darrow - Casey Biggs
Charisse Darrow - Leslie Hope
Phillip Darrow - Peter Hansen
Eulogist - Mary Beth Fisher
Intake Nurse - Kim Staunton
Suicide Girl - Liza Weil
Paramedic - Nigel Gibbs
Surgical Nurse - Heidi Swedberg
Surgical Nurse (as Jamie Sue Sherrill) - Jamie Sherrill
Waitress - Samantha Smith
Doctor - Andy Umberger
I.C.U. Nurse - Judith Moreland
I.C.U. Nurse - Jennifer Parsons
Private Duty Nurse - Oni Faida Lampley
Head Nurse - L. Scott Caldwell
Paul Reardon - Kent Faulcon
Oncology Desk Nurse - Justina Machado
Sister Madeline - Linda Hunt
Colleague (as Terrell Clayton) - Paul Terrell Clayton
Nephrology Desk Nurse - Lise Simms
Medical Tech - Joseph Will
Medivac Doctor - Jerome Butler
Tough Paramedic - Michael Manuel
Victor - Jacob Vargas
Yanomami Native - Henry Gerardo Cariban
Elderly Native Woman - Ana García
Airline Official - Lina Patel
Paramedic - Matt Champagne
Paramedic - Maz Jobrani
Paramedic - Monnae Michaell
Hospital Chaplain - David Doty
Bus Driver - David Correia
Woman in Airport - Annie Coffey
12-Year-Old Girl - Chea Courtney
Michael - Brian J. Davis
Airport Security Guard - Christopher Gilbertson
8-Year-Old Boy - Dylan Johnson
Cessna Pilot - Jimmy Leeward
Guest - John Lordan
Officer Alvarez - Rob Macie
Little Girl - Angela Mora
Little Girl - Michelle Mora
Julie - Nurse - Rana Morrison
Bus Passenger - Argenis Pirela
Guest - Meg Thalken