What can you expect from a woman? You're weak, helpless, and nothing but trouble. And that...

Dream Wife1953
What can you expect from a woman
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Clemson Reade:
[as they walk toward the altar for their wedding]
What can you expect from a woman? You're weak, helpless, and nothing but trouble. And that goes for all of you. Harriet Beecher Stowe. She wrote about slaves, didn't she? Well, it sure takes one to know one.
She great woman. She write Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Clemson Reade:
Susan B. Anthony...
Susan B. Anthony fight for woman's vote. And that not all. Carry Country...
Clemson Reade:
Carry Nation!
Carry Nation.


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Well, what can you expect from a woman?
00:00:05.501 --> 00:00:08.101
You're weak, helpless and nothing but trouble.
00:00:08.102 --> 00:00:09.802
And that goes for all of you.
00:00:11.603 --> 00:00:13.203
Harriet Beecher Stowe.
00:00:13.204 --> 00:00:15.404
She wrote about slaves didn't she?
00:00:15.405 --> 00:00:17.405
Well, it sure take one to know one.
00:00:17.406 --> 00:00:20.706
She great woman. She write Uncle Tom's Cabin.
00:00:20.707 --> 00:00:24.907
Susan B. Anthony. Susan B, Anthony fight for women's vote.
00:00:24.908 --> 00:00:28.108
And that not all. Carrie Country. Carrie Nation!
00:00:28.109 --> 00:00:29.709
Carrie Nation. Silence!
00:00:29.071 --> 00:00:32.998
I will not silence! I free woman!
00:00:32.003 --> 00:00:33.511
I not love Clem.
00:00:35.612 --> 00:00:39.012
She jilted me! She jilted me! Do not worry, my son, she will marry you.
00:00:39.998 --> 00:00:43.153
I'm not worth bothering about, I... What have you done now, what's wrong?
00:00:43.154 --> 00:00:46.454
Nothing's wrong. The wedding's off. You do not wish to marry my daughter?
00:00:46.455 --> 00:00:49.955
Of course he does. It's just a little nervous breakdown, Your Excellency.
00:00:49.956 --> 00:00:53.556
You keep out of this. In Bukistan we do not use our women for political tricks.
00:00:53.557 --> 00:00:56.457
Come. What about the oil agreement?
00:00:56.458 --> 00:01:00.058
It will be as you say. It will be signed after the wedding.

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Uploaded: 22 September, 2021
Genres: comedy, romance
Summary: A business tycoon decides to wed a Middle Eastern princess whose customs dictate the pair must live apart for several months before marrying. Even more complications settle in when the tycoon's ex-fiancée is assigned to chaperone the


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Clemson Reade - Cary Grant