You've met your match, you foul bellowing beast! Everybody stay on the bus. Giselle? My...

You've met your match
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[Prince Edward rides on top of an MTA New York City Transit bus thinking it is a steel beast]

Prince Edward:
You've met your match, you foul bellowing beast!
[He takes his sword and stabs it through the roof of the bus, the blade also ripping open an old lady's bag in the process]

Bus Driver:
[stops the bus]
Everybody stay on the bus.
Prince Edward:
Giselle? My love?
Pip in New York:
Prince Edward:
Right. The steel beast is dead, peasants! I've set you all free!
Bus Driver:
[gets off the bus and yells at Edward]
Are you crazy? Nobody stabs my bus! I'll tear you apart! Do you hear me? You get down here RIGHT NOW!
Madam, allow me...
Prince Edward:
Nathaniel, old friend!
Sire, may I suggest that you, uh...
Bus Driver:
You? A friend a' his? Crazy tight-wearin'... Are you tryin' to mess up my route?
[Pip jumps onto her forehead, and mimics her]

Bus Driver:
I'll tear you both apart! Don't you roll your eyes at me, you...
[Nathaniel points at Pip, causing the driver to look up]

Bus Driver:
[She goes berserk and tries to get Pip off of her]

Prince Edward:
Well, strictly speaking, he's a chipmunk.
Sire, may I suggest we seek elsewhere for your bride?


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:05.088
You've met your match you foul bellowing beast
00:00:14.783 --> 00:00:18.787
Everybody stay on the bus Giselle My love
00:00:18.087 --> 00:00:21.331
00:00:21.414 --> 00:00:24.918
The steel beast is dead peasants I set you all free
00:00:25.012 --> 00:00:27.837
Move that bus Come on already
00:00:27.921 --> 00:00:30.924
Get that bus out of there Are you crazy
00:00:31.014 --> 00:00:34.344
Nobody stabs my bus I'll tear you apart
00:00:34.427 --> 00:00:36.002
Do you hear me
00:00:36.137 --> 00:00:38.306
You get down here If you'll allow me
00:00:38.039 --> 00:00:42.002
Nathaniel old friend Sire may I suggest that you
00:00:42.143 --> 00:00:45.073
You A friend of his Crazy tight wearing
00:00:45.814 --> 00:00:48.733
Come here and mess up my route I'll tear you both apart
00:00:48.817 --> 00:00:52.007
Don't you roll your eyes at me
00:00:52.153 --> 00:00:55.365
A rat Get it away from me
00:00:55.448 --> 00:00:58.001
Well strictly speaking he's a chipmunk
00:00:58.159 --> 00:01:02.497
Sire may I suggest we seek elsewhere
00:01:02.058 --> 00:01:04.001
for your bride

Clip duration: 67 seconds
Views: 238
Timestamp in movie: 00h 34m 40s
Uploaded: 25 November, 2022
Genres: animation, adventure, comedy
Summary: A young maiden in a land called Andalasia, who is prepared to be wed, is sent away to New York City by an evil Queen, where she falls in love with a lawyer.


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Prince Edward - James Marsden
Bus Driver - Marilyn Sue Perry
Pip in New York - Kevin Lima
Nathaniel - Timothy Spall