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It tastes like fish

Rachel F. Banks:
How do you like the trout?
Robert Clayton Dean:
It tastes like fish.
Rachel F. Banks:
It is fish.
Robert Clayton Dean:
Yeah, but it tastes like every other fish I've ever eaten.

So, how's the trout?
- Tastes like fish.
- It is fish.
No, I mean it tastes like
every other fish I've ever had.
Brill's note said that...
this is the videotape you need
to convince Pintero with.
And watch out for the F.B. I Brill says
the place is under surveillance.
- So when do I get to meet him?
- Pintero?

Clip duration: 27 seconds
Views: 20
Movie: Enemy of the State
Year: 1998
Genres: action, thriller
Summary: A lawyer becomes targeted by a corrupt politician and his N.S.A. goons when he accidentally receives key evidence to a politically motivated crime.


Rachel F. Banks - Lisa Bonet
Robert Clayton Dean - Will Smith