Eraserhead poster
A film that defies conventional logic and storytelling, fueled by its dark nightmarish atmosphere and compellingly disturbing visuals. Henry Spencer is a hapless factory worker on his vacation when he finds out he's the father of a hideously deformed baby. Now living with his unhappy, malcontent girlfriend, the child cries day and night, driving Henry and his girlfriend to near insanity.

Director: David Lynch
Writer: David Lynch
Production: Libra Films
Genre: fantasy, horror
Year: 1977
MetaScore: 87/100
ImdbRating: 7.4
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 03 Feb 1978
Awards: 2 wins & 1 nomination.

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Movie Cast

Henry Spencer - Jack Nance
Mr. X - Allen Joseph
Mrs. X - Jeanne Bates
Beautiful Girl Across the Hall - Judith Roberts
Lady in the Radiator - Laurel Near
Landlady (long version) - V. Phipps-Wilson
Man in the Planet - Jack Fisk
Grandmother - Jean Lange
The Boy - Thomas Coulson
The Boss - T. Max Graham
Pencil Machine Operator - Hal Landon Jr.
Little Girl - Jennifer Lynch
Little Boy - Brad Keeler
Person Digging in the Alley (long version) - Peggy Lynch
Person Digging in the Alley (long version) - Doddie Keeler
Man with Cigar - Gill Dennis
Man Fighting - Toby Keeler
Mr. Roundheels - Jack Walsh