How did we get into this
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How did we get into this? How did we get into it? How the hell do we get out of it?

Faces 1968
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Jim McCarthy:
How did we get into this?
Joe Jackson:
How did we get into it? How the hell do we get out of it?


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Oh, gee, Dick, how did we get into this situation anyway?
00:00:06.546 --> 00:00:09.214
I'm sorry. It's ridiculous, isn't it?
00:00:09.757 --> 00:00:11.383
Why don't I give you a call Monday?
00:00:11.509 --> 00:00:14.719
Maybe we can have lunch or, uh, maybe just talk on the phone, all right?
00:00:14.762 --> 00:00:18.515
- That's a very good idea. - Good. Okay. Stewie Ray.
00:00:20.601 --> 00:00:23.186
Ah. Oh, boy.
00:00:23.437 --> 00:00:25.564
Ah, Stewie Ray. Hey, come on.

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Timestamp in movie: 01:02:15
Uploaded: 19 October, 2021
Genres: drama
Summary: A middle-aged man leaves his wife for another woman. Shortly after, his ex-wife also begins a relationship with a younger partner. The film follows their struggles to find love amongst each ... Read all


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Jim McCarthy - Val Avery
Joe Jackson - Gene Darfler
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