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God bless your soul

God bless your soul... poor Joe Donnelly... All saints preserve us! We thought you died,...

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[Joe Donnelly dies]

Danty Duff:
God bless your soul... poor Joe Donnelly...
[everyone is quiet, they turn and Joe comes back to life]

Joseph Donnelly:
All saints preserve us! We thought you died, Da!
Joe Donnelly:
I did son, I passed away... I've come back to tell you something. You're an especially odd boy.
Joseph Donnelly:
You came back from the dead to tell me that I'm odd?


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.884
God bless you lad
00:00:09.004 --> 00:00:12.331
Why should I expire
00:00:13.004 --> 00:00:16.171
For the fire of any eye
00:00:17.032 --> 00:00:20.001
Though foolish men you slay
00:00:20.998 --> 00:00:22.044
For thee I shall not die
00:00:27.008 --> 00:00:33.723
Your beauty and your name will never conquer me
00:00:34.024 --> 00:00:36.124
What have I done

Clip duration: 37 seconds
Views: 315
Timestamp in movie: 00h 18m 16s
Uploaded: 29 November, 2022
Genres: adventure, drama, romance
Summary: A young Irish couple flee to the States, but subsequently struggle to obtain land and prosper freely.


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Danty Duff - Cyril Cusack
Joseph Donnelly - Tom Cruise