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A working-class African-American father tries to raise his family in the 1950s, while coming to terms with the events of his life.

Genre: drama
Year: 2016
MetaScore: N/A/100

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Troy Maxson - Denzel Washington
Rose Maxson - Viola Davis
Raynell - Saniyya Sidney
Deputy Commissioner - Christopher Mele
Evangelist Preacher (as Leslie Boone) - Lesley Boone
Garbage Truck Driver - Jason Silvis
Background Actor (as Liz Barentine) - Buffy Barentine
Courthouse Worker - Gregory Bromfield
Watermelon Salesman - Hanibal Chancellor
Student - Cara Clark
Towns person - Tra'Waan Coles
Sanitation worker - Sean Cummings
Brownie - Ellwood Davis
Backyard Worker - DieselDonlow
Commissioner - Mark Falvo
Present-Day Parade Marcher - Joe Fishel
Present-Day Parade Marcher - Kristie Galloway
Troys Boss - John W. Iwanonkiw
Jaywalking Pedestrian - Daniel James
Townsman - Aristle Jones IV
Secretary - Trudi Kennedy
Front Yard Neighbor - Malik Abdul Khaaliq
Parade Marcher - Connie Kincer
Parade Participant - Ashley Marie Lewis
Praying woman - Cecily Lewis
Garage Man - Wayne Leya
Neighbor / Soldier - Chris McCail
Parade Walker - Terri Middleton
Parade Participant - Kelly L. Moran
Attendee at Troy's Funeral - Mike Nardi
Wylie Ave Pedestrian - Phil Nardozzi
1970's Parade Marcher - Frankie Palombi
Soldier / Towns Person - Kameron Peters
Wylie Ave Pedestrian - Eric Rasmussen
1970's Parade Marcher - Dillon Stark
Neighbor - Brian E. Stead