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Hey Ashley it's Wendy
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What's wrong? It's nothing. It's just that I'm going to be worrying about you every second...

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Kevin Fischer:
What's wrong?
Wendy Christensen:
It's nothing. It's just that I'm going to be worrying about you every second while you're gone.
Kevin Fischer:
Why would you worry about me? We don't even like each other, remember?
[they hug]


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.199
Hey Ashley it's Wendy
00:00:02.201 --> 00:00:04.084
psych Leave a message
00:00:05.404 --> 00:00:06.077
Hi Ashley this is Wendy
00:00:06.772 --> 00:00:07.938
Gimme a call whenever you guys are done
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And thanks again for the invite
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Someone help Aah
00:00:14.746 --> 00:00:16.898
Sorry I was too late
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Aah Aah
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Aah Aah Aah

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Timestamp in movie: 00:37:00
Uploaded: 28 March, 2022
Genres: horror, mystery, thriller
Summary: Six years after students cheated death, another teen has a premonition she and her friends will be involved in an accident. When the vision proves true, the student and survivors deal with t... Read all


Kevin Fischer - Ryan Merriman
Wendy Christensen - Mary Elizabeth Winstead