Wait no No please
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Wait... no... no please. I'm sorry. I can't sit in the front. I cannot see the tracks....

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Wendy Christensen:
[after Kevin tells the roller coaster attendant that the first rows are good for him, Wendy, Jason, and Carrie]
Wait... no... no please. I'm sorry. I can't sit in the front. I cannot see the tracks. I'll freak.
Kevin Fischer:
Okay... uh... well Carrie will sit in the back. All right, babe?
Carrie Dreyer:
Ugh, why me? Because we're girls? Fuck that. I'm going to Berkeley, and I won't get to do this for a while. I'm sitting in the front.
Wendy Christensen:
Jason, just go.
Jason Wise:
You can't sit alone in the back.
Kevin Fischer:
All right, you know what? We can settle this like your old man. How about that? Hmm?
[Pulls out a coin]

Kevin Fischer:
Call it.
Jason Wise:
Kevin Fischer:
[Flips the coin and it lands on heads]
[Jason and Carrie laugh]

Kevin Fischer:
All right, fine. Well, see ya. Go ahead. Bye, babe.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.166
Wait no No please
00:00:02.168 --> 00:00:03.004
I'm sorry I don't wanna be a hassle
00:00:03.402 --> 00:00:04.602
I just I can't sit in the front
00:00:04.604 --> 00:00:06.804
I cannot see the tracks I'll freak
00:00:06.806 --> 00:00:09.373
Ok Take it easy
00:00:09.375 --> 00:00:11.408
Uh well Carrie will sit
00:00:11.041 --> 00:00:12.477
in the back with you Right babe
00:00:12.479 --> 00:00:14.278
Uh Why me
00:00:14.028 --> 00:00:15.513
What 'Cause we're girls
00:00:15.515 --> 00:00:16.914
Fuck that I'm going to Berkeley
00:00:16.916 --> 00:00:18.817
and I won't get to do this for a while
00:00:18.819 --> 00:00:19.767
I'm sitting in the front
00:00:20.077 --> 00:00:23.705
J just go ok I'll live
00:00:23.707 --> 00:00:24.772
All right you know what
00:00:24.774 --> 00:00:25.773
We'll just settle this like real men
00:00:25.775 --> 00:00:27.675
how about that Hmm Call it
00:00:28.026 --> 00:00:29.543
00:00:29.545 --> 00:00:30.945
Shit Damn it
00:00:32.615 --> 00:00:34.515
All right fine
00:00:34.517 --> 00:00:35.617
What the fuck It's the same ride right

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Uploaded: 28 March, 2022
Genres: horror, mystery, thriller
Summary: Six years after students cheated death, another teen has a premonition she and her friends will be involved in an accident. When the vision proves true, the student and survivors deal with t... Read all


Wendy Christensen - Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Kevin Fischer - Ryan Merriman
Carrie Dreyer - Gina Holden
Jason Wise - Jesse Moss