"Finding Rin Tin Tin" quotes

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The story of the legendary German Shepherd who was found by American pilot Lee Duncun in France during World War I, and later became the most famous animal star in Hollywood history.

Director: Danny Lerner
Writer: David Rolland, Jim Tierney
Production: N/A
Year: 2007
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 5.0
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: N/A
Awards: N/A

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Lee Duncan - Tyler Jensen
Nikolaus - Ben Cross
Major Snickens - William Hope
Captain Sandman - Todd Jensen
Jacques - Ivan Rankov
Lieutenant Bryant - Ian Porter
The General - Garrick Hagon
Monique - Michal Yannai
Soldier #2 - Vladimir Mihaylov
Patrol Soldier #1 - Atanas Srebrev
Prison Guard - Johnathan Sparcino
Lieutenant Bryant - James Graves
Officer - Dana Hamrton
Wounded Soldier #1 - Robert Blush
Wounded Soldier #2 - Ryan Spike Dauner
Old Crusty Man - Pavel Popandov
Young Woman #1 - Didi Jivkova
Young Woman #2 - Boriana Shehtova
Small Girl - Ana Veleva
Sleeping Soldier - Nickola
Goliath Soldier - Lyubo Ganev
Crying Mother - Mariana Stansheva
Lieutenant - Les Weldon
Rin Tin Tin - Oskar
Rin Tin Tin - Sunny
Train Station Conductor - Zachary Baharov
Train station Policeman - Lyubomir Neikov
Rin Tin Tin -
Rin Tin Tin -
Teenage Rin Tin Tin -
Teenage Rin Tin Tin -