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I beg your pardon

Samia Glavia:
...It was just what I was trying to point out...
Don't sit there pointing at her.
Samia Glavia:
I beg your pardon.
I said don't point at her, you creep.
Samia Glavia:
But I was just telling about...
Where do you get the ass to tell anybody anything about class, or who the hell's got it, or what she typifies? You shouldn't even be in the same room with her, you pompous celibate... You're totally full of shit! You're all full of shit.

Somewhat like, uh, the television.
To look at it any other way
is ridiculous.
There's some good things on it though.
- I beg your pardon?
- The TV.
There's some good things on it sometimes.
I have strong doubts.
Nevertheless, I am not discussing media.
- Oh, but there is always hope for the few.
- What about love?
What about it?
Wouldn't you say that more ill...
has been done in the name of love
than in the name of abomination?
No. No, I wouldn't.
Well, you are a romantic, Catherine.
And once more
about to be married.
So you can be excused
from objective discussions. But ask Carl.
Ask him if even the institution of marriage
is completely free from it.
Ask him.
I think these cold, objective
discussions are aggressive.
- Excuse me.
- That's reactive.
- [Thunderclap]
- But if I may say...
without dampening
the spirit of your adventure -
You haven't dampened my spirit, Samia.
- Excuse me.
- Well, I should hope not.
But I want to say, though,
it's still open to some discussion -
- I'm sorry. [Speaking French]
- that there seems to be less aggression...
- or violence, if you like -
- I'm sorry. I don't speak French.
- the higher classes and loftier natures -
- [Dog Barks]
What kind of doggy is this?
- [Carl] This is a, uh, border collie.
- [Continues, Indistinct]
- I had a baby kitty-cat once.
- [Samia Continues]
It was a little fluffy thing.
Bobby gave it to me.

Clip duration: 82 seconds
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Movie: Five Easy Pieces
Year: 1970
Genres: drama
Summary: A dropout from upper-class America picks up work along the way on oil rigs when his life isn't spent in a squalid succession of bars, motels, and other points of interest.

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Samia Glavia - Irene Dailey