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I tell you what

Ted Crawford:
Nicely done, Willy. Truly. A regular chain of evidence. Great stuff. Vivid. Heartbreaking. The victim cries out from beyond the grave. Yeah. Jurors love all that sort of crap, don't they? I bet you don't even need a confession anymore, do you, Willy? I tell you what, though, old sport. Let's make you a new one just in case. The real deal, all the juicy details. You can get your rocks off on that, then, can't you? Huh? I shot my wife in the face, right there. She didn't look so pretty after that. And l stood there looking down at her... and l watched her eyes go all empty. I could smell the blood and the shit. Smelled like metal. And the look on his face! He was trying to get her back to life and l was pissing myself laughing... because I took both the bastards out with one fucking bullet. Yeah. And now you've got your little bullet, haven't you? Got what you want. So bring it all on, kiddo. Bring it all into court. Except you can't, can you? Let's see, now, first year law, double jeopardy. I went to trial, you lost. Oh, pity about that. It doesn't matter what you do now. It doesn't matter what you know. I mean, she could come back from the dead, you see... and testify, spill the beans, and it would mean... nothing. So you can't touch me... ever.

Mr. Crawford, what do you say
you give me the gun?
That way I can pay more attention
to what you're saying. All right?
Is that your best shot, Rob?
So to speak.
Tell you what. I will if you will.
We both put down our guns.
We set them down and we step away.
Then you can pay attention
to what I'm saying.
All right, I'm gonna have to ask you
to put yours down first, then.
Then you have my word.
Everybody gives a little...
we'll see what we can do
about getting you what you want, ok?
Happy ending, then.
Mr. Crawford, your gardener tells it...
- that your wife--
- It's Ted.
- I'm sorry?
- You can call me Ted.
Ted. Great. Ted.
Your wife, is she here?
Is she all right?
I don't think she is.
I shot her.
You shot your wife?
It's just like I suddenly snapped...
and I got the gun and I shot her in the head.
I know it was wrong.
Are you listening to me, Rob?
Oh, Jesus Christ.
I read somewhere that the best place
to find a pulse is in the femoral artery.
It's on the inner surface of the upper thigh.
So if you just put your
fingers up her skirt...
you'll find it.
- Break it up!
- We got a victim down!
All right.
She's got a pulse.
Rob. Good job.
You all right?

Clip duration: 194 seconds
Views: 12
Movie: Fracture
Year: 2007
Genres: crime, drama, thriller
Summary: An attorney intending on climbing the career ladder toward success finds an unlikely opponent in a manipulative criminal he is trying to prosecute.

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Ted Crawford - Anthony Hopkins