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My dick has evidence

Ted Crawford:
My dick has evidence.
Judge Robinson:
Excuse me?
Ted Crawford:
My dick... my private investigator. I call him Dick.

My dick has evidence.
- Excuse me?
- My dick, my private investigator.
I call him dick. Perhaps I should call him
as a rebuttal witness.
Because since the tragedy, he's dug up
hotel records and witnesses...
that confirm that my wife
and Mr. Nunally were having an affair.
- My dick is good.
- Your Honor, so, what if he was?

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Movie: Fracture
Year: 2007
Genres: crime, drama, thriller
Summary: An attorney intending on climbing the career ladder toward success finds an unlikely opponent in a manipulative criminal he is trying to prosecute.

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Ted Crawford - Anthony Hopkins
Judge Robinson - Fiona Shaw