Frankenstein poster
Henry Frankenstein is a doctor who is trying to discover a way to make the dead walk. He succeeds and creates a monster that has to deal with living again.

Director: James Whale
Writer: John L. Balderston (based upon the composition by), Mary Shelley (from the novel by), Peggy Webling (adapted from the play by), Garrett Fort (screen play), Francis Edward Faragoh (screen play), Richard Schayer (scenario editor)
Production: Universal Pictures Company
Year: 1931
MetaScore: 91/100
ImdbRating: 7.8
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 21 Nov 1931
Awards: 4 wins & 3 nominations.

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Movie Cast

Henry Frankenstein - Colin Clive
Elizabeth - Mae Clarke
Victor Moritz - John Boles
The Monster - Boris Karloff
Doctor Waldman - Edward Van Sloan
Baron Frankenstein - Frederick Kerr
Fritz - Dwight Frye
The Burgomaster - Lionel Belmore
Little Maria - Marilyn Harris
Villager - Ted Billings
Screaming Maid - Mae Bruce
Villager - Jack Curtis
Bridesmaid - Arletta Duncan
Gravedigger - William Dyer
Mourner - Mary Gordon
Little Girl - Carmencita Johnson
Little Girl - Seessel Anne Johnson
Mourner - Margaret Mann
Ludwig - Michael Mark
Villager - Robert Milasch
Bridesmaid - Pauline Moore
Villager - Inez Palange
Mourner at Gravesite - Paul Panzer
Villager - Rose Plumer
Waldman's Secretary - Cecil Reynolds
Medical Student - Ellinor Vanderveer