The Earth ship pilot has ejected
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The Earth ship pilot has ejected! Pilot? There are pilots on their missiles?

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Dr. Nadir:
The Earth ship pilot has ejected!
Princess Marcuzan:
Pilot? There are pilots on their missiles?


00:00:03.000 --> 00:00:05.992
The earth ship pilot has ejected.
00:00:06.007 --> 00:00:07.935
00:00:08.008 --> 00:00:12.374
They have pilots on their missiles?
00:00:12.443 --> 00:00:14.104
You fool!
00:00:14.178 --> 00:00:16.999
That obviously was not a missile,
00:00:16.147 --> 00:00:17.614
but a spaceship.
00:00:17.681 --> 00:00:18.807
If they have sighted us,
00:00:18.883 --> 00:00:22.998
all of our plans will be endangered!

Clip duration: 23 seconds
Views: 69
Timestamp in movie: 00:17:40
Uploaded: 19 October, 2021
Genres: horror, sci-fi
Summary: A Martian princess and a doctor replace the women on Mars, destroyed by atomic war, by raiding Puerto Rico while a shot down android terrorizes all.


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Dr. Nadir - Lou Cutell
Princess Marcuzan - Marilyn Hanold
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