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Friday Night Lights quotes

Friday Night Lights poster
Based on H.G. Bissinger's book, which profiled the economically depressed town of Odessa, Texas and their heroic high school football team, The Permian High Panthers.

Director: Peter Berg
Writer: Buzz Bissinger, David Aaron Cohen, Peter Berg
Production: Imagine Entertainment
Genre: action, drama, sport
Year: 2004
MetaScore: 70/100
ImdbRating: 7.2
BoxOffice: $61,255,921
Released: 08 Oct 2004
Awards: 2 wins & 5 nominations

38 Clips & Quotes


Coach Gary Gaines - Billy Bob Thornton
Mike Winchell - Lucas Black
Don Billingsley - Garrett Hedlund
Boobie Miles - Derek Luke
Brian Chavez - Jay Hernandez
Ivory Christian - Lee Jackson
Chris Comer - Lee Thompson Young
Charles Billingsley - Tim McGraw
L.V. Miles - Grover Coulson
Sharon Gaines - Connie Britton
Mrs. Winchell - Connie Cooper
Flippy - Kasey Stevens
Melissa - Ryanne Duzich
Maria - Amber Heard
Jennifer Gaines - Morgan Farris
Comer's Girlfriend - Laine Kelly
Trapper - Gavin Grazer
Skip Baldwin - Turk Pipkin
Dr. Rogers (as Dr. Carey Windler) - Carey Windler
Odessa Doctor - Tommy G. Kendrick
John Aubrey - Brad Leland
Nancy Aubrey - Lillian Langford
Booster - Buddy Hale
Booster - Ken Farmer
Booster - Marco Perella
Booster (as Eloise Dejoria) - Eloise DeJoria
Booster - Robert Weaver
Booster Wife - Katherine Willis
Booster Wife - Angie Bolling
Buddy's Burger Manager - Charles Sanders
Permian Play-by-Play Announcer - Barry Sykes
Permian Color Announcer - Clay Kennedy
Carter Play-By-Play Announcer - Lewis B. Johnson
Carter Play-By-Play Announcer - J.D. Hawkins
Slammin' Sammy (as B.T. Stone) - Bob Thomas
Coach Miller - Wade L. Johnston
Coach McCutcheon - Rick Herod
Coach Belew (as Paul Mitchell Wright) - Paul Wright
Coach James - Julius Tennon
Coach Harper - Dennis Hill
Coach Vonner - Timothy Walter
Coach Smith - Robert Scott Smith
Coach Plunk - Kenneth Plunk
Coach Campbell - Josh Berry
Coach Washburn - Branson Washburn
Coach Johnson - David Johnson
Permian Booth Coach - John Hayden
Permian Booth Coach - Chris Palmer
Carter Booth Coach - Kyle Scott Jackson
Carter Booth Coach (as C. Anthony 'Charles' Jackson) - C. Anthony Jackson
Carter Booth Coach - Kippy Brown
Carter Booth Coach - Cleveland 'Chick' Harris
Carter Assistant Coach - Billy Melvin Thomas
Carter Assistant Coach (as Kammerin Hunt) - Kam Hunt
Midland Lee Assistant Coach - Roy Williams
Midland High School Coach - Gary Mack Griffin
Marshall Game Referee - Randy Brinlee
Cooper Game End Zone Official - Dan Rankin
Carter Game Referee (as Tim Crowley) - Timothy F. Crowley
Carter Game Official - Harvey L. Jeffries
Carter Co-Captain Baird - Tiki Davis
Carter Quarterback Whitaker - Everett Smith
Carter Wide Receiver Graf - Ty Law
Clancy Kent (as Chris Dahlberg) - Christopher Dahlberg
C.C. Russeau - Peter Harrell Jr.
John Wilkins - Kevin Page
Jerald McClary - Brady Coleman
Loie Harris - Stephen Bishop
Marvin Edwards - Bob Richardson
State Trooper (as Mark Donaldson) - J. Mark Donaldson
Cheerleader - Aisha Schliessler
Drunk Driver - Evan Bernard
Kansas Wesleyan Recruiter - Rutherford Cravens
Kansas Wesleyan Recruiter - Wayne Hanawalt
Recruiter - Brian Thornton
Recruiter - Sam Austin
Recruiter - Mark Nutter
Journalist Jim - Jeff Gibbs
Reporter - Richard Dillard
Reporter - Robert Flores
Skip Baldwin's Cameraman (as Terry Parks) - Terry Dale Parks
Young Kid - Talon Smith
Young Kid - Taylor Sawyers
Young Kid - Bradley Lisman
Buzzard - Richard Nance
Football Player - Aaron Babino
Football Player - Dean Baldwin
Football Player - Ben Bronson
Football Player - Sunny Byrd
Football Player - John Clark
Football Player - Bobby Doherty
Football Player - Chris Fisher
Football Player - Cedric Foster
Football Player - Corey Hargers
Football Player - Tavis Harvey
Football Player - Deshaun Hill
Football Player - Ryan Jacobs
Football Player - Nick Jester
Football Player - Mike Jones
Football Player - Tyrone Jones
Football Player - Mark Llewellyn
Football Player - Jon Luke
Football Player - O.J. McClintock
Football Player (as Robert Nguyen) - Robert Van
Football Player - Joseph Norman
Football Player - Dewayne Patmon
Football Player - Everick Rawls
Football Player - Brett Robin
Football Player - Steven Rogers
Football Player - Ray Ross
Football Player - Chad L. Stevens
Football Player - Travis Thompson
Football Player - Matt Trissel
Football Player - Brandon Tully
Football Player - Darrick Wallace
Football Player - Gurie Sheffield
High school student and party guest - Olivia Young
Backup Quaterback #11 - Lance Aaron
Jake the Flag Boy - Charan Andreas
Cheerleader - Stacy Lynn Austin
Sideline Journalist - Crystal Brown-Tatum
WalMart Buyer - Dan Burkarth
State Trooper - Gene Burns
Football Player - Joseph T. Campos
Back Up QB - Jason Carroll
High School Student - D.J. Castillo
Burger Joint Customer - Robert M. Clark
Reporter - Erik Collins
Football Player's Mom - Catherine Cooper
Student - Colby Crain
Rocker Chick - Kimberly Ensey
Daphne Girl - Laura Evans
Paramedic - Todd Falcon
Reporter - Mark Falvo
Football Player - Russell Wayne Groves
Football Player's Girlfriend - Ashley Hallford
Tiffany, Waitress at Buddy Burger Restaurant - Holly Hargrave
On-Field Reporter - Hiawatha Henry
Football Player #83 - Nathaniel Holt
Gibson - Odessa Alumnus - Lee Irving
Hottie with Boobie Miles - Sharri Jones
Customer - Tiffany Lang
Unnamed Team Fan&Trucker / Diner - Tex Marshall
Airport Employee - Ric Mendoza
Janitor - Hugo Perez
Assistant Coach - James Pollard
Security Guard - Clint Quintero
Football Player - Hasaan Rasheed
Carter Parent - Angela Rawna
Football Player - James Edward Shippy
Football Fan - Bobby Shue
Carter Parent - Cassandra L. Small
Football Official - Gary Vaught
Onfield Reporter - C. Jo Vela
Permian Panthers Fan - Mark A. White
Football Player #5 - Jimmy Willden
Highway Patrolman - John Wirt
Walmart Crowd - Jacqueline Wright
Football Fan / Reporter / Student - Heath Young
Angry Fan - Terri Zee