What I said I know who it is
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I know who it is. What? I said I know who it is. Who? It's Jason Voorhees. Jason Voorhees?...

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Sheriff Tucker:
I know who it is.
Mayor Cobb:
Sheriff Tucker:
I said I know who it is.
Mayor Cobb:
Sheriff Tucker:
It's Jason Voorhees.
Mayor Cobb:
Jason Voorhees? You're outta your fucking mind. You've been out in the sun too long. Jason Voorhees is dead! His body was cremated. He's nothing but a handful of ash.
Sheriff Tucker:
[Tucker stands up firmly]
You know that for sure, Mayor? Were you there? Did you see him cremated?
Mayor Cobb:
Jason Voorhees?
[Tucker nods]

Mayor Cobb:
I can't believe this! Look.
[pulls out an ashtray]

Mayor Cobb:
This is your "Jason Voorhees" here.
[pours ashes out]

Mayor Cobb:
[plants ashtray in Tucker's hand]

Mayor Cobb:
Your ass is on the line here, Tucker. Are you getting that? You get me a Goddamn LIVE suspect!
[Cobb exits. Tucker, enraged, breaks the ashtray by throwing it against a wall]


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:05.545
What I said I know who it is
00:00:05.713 --> 00:00:11.001
Who It's Jason Voorhees
00:00:13.178 --> 00:00:15.043
Jason Voorhees
00:00:16.001 --> 00:00:19.434
You're out of your fucking mind You've been out in the sun too long
00:00:19.601 --> 00:00:21.477
Jason Voorhees is dead
00:00:21.645 --> 00:00:25.069
His body was cremated He's nothing but a handful of ash
00:00:26.817 --> 00:00:28.609
You know that for sure mayor
00:00:28.777 --> 00:00:30.695
Were you there Did you see him cremated
00:00:30.863 --> 00:00:32.447
Jason Voorhees Yes
00:00:32.614 --> 00:00:34.323
I can't believe this

Clip duration: 35 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 00:40:30
Uploaded: 04 April, 2022
Genres: horror, mystery, thriller
Summary: Still haunted by his past, Tommy Jarvis, who, as a child, killed Jason Voorhees, is sent to a secluded halfway house in the countryside, where the killing of a young man triggers a brutal se... Read all


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Sheriff Tucker - Marco St. John
Mayor Cobb - Ric Mancini