The Sarlacc pit

Okay then, Lynch, what *is* the worst way to die? What... No, no, no, you have an answer...

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Parker O'Neil:
Okay then, Lynch, what *is* the worst way to die?
Joe Lynch:
Parker O'Neil:
No, no, no, you have an answer for everything. What is your biggest fear?
Joe Lynch:
That's easy. The Sarlacc pit.
Parker O'Neil:
I'm sorry, the what?
Joe Lynch:
The Sarlacc pit. From "Return of the Jedi". Uh, hello. Being slowly digested over a thousand years - worst death ever.
Dan Walker:
[in a mocking whiny voice]
Dan, why don't I ever have a girlfriend? Why?


00:00:01.887 --> 00:00:04.827
The wolves around here, they're not even that big.
00:00:06.725 --> 00:00:10.559
Hey. Hey, listen. It could be worse, right?
00:00:10.596 --> 00:00:12.596
How could it be worse?
00:00:15.000 --> 00:00:17.127
It could be the sarlacc pit.
00:00:17.169 --> 00:00:20.009
Hey, Parker came through with the tension breaker, bud.
00:00:20.094 --> 00:00:23.306
Your girl's all right, Walker.
00:00:23.342 --> 00:00:26.311
- Hey, she's all right. - Just climb.
00:00:26.345 --> 00:00:28.813
Please, please just climb.
00:00:28.848 --> 00:00:32.001
Okay, hold on. Hold on, I'm coming.
00:00:36.222 --> 00:00:38.001
Hold on.
00:00:38.003 --> 00:00:40.651
It'll be okay, Dan.
00:00:43.629 --> 00:00:45.299
You know it's funny, I was never...
00:00:45.304 --> 00:00:46.927
afraid of heights until right now.
00:00:46.932 --> 00:00:49.263
- Okay, what can I do to help? - I don't know.
00:00:49.268 --> 00:00:51.268
Just hold on to my legs.
00:00:51.027 --> 00:00:53.801
I mean, you can't stop me from falling but it's...
00:00:53.806 --> 00:00:55.803
it's like psychological or something.
00:00:55.808 --> 00:00:58.333
- Okay. - Okay.

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Timestamp in movie: 00h 43m 59s
Uploaded: 23 October, 2021
Genres: adventure, drama, thriller
Summary: Three skiers stranded on a chairlift are forced to make life-or-death choices, which prove more perilous than staying put and freezing to death.


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Joe Lynch - Shawn Ashmore
Dan Walker - Kevin Zegers