Is it hard, being separated this way? Yes. But we see each other in the day. But not at...

Being separated this way
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Margaret Bourke-White:
[interviewing Ba in prison]
Is it hard, being separated this way?
Kasturba Gandhi:
Yes. But we see each other in the day.
Margaret Bourke-White:
But not at night?
Kasturba Gandhi:
In Hindu philosophy the way to God is to free yourself of possessions, and the passions that inflame anger and jealousy. Bapu has always struggled to find the way to God.
Margaret Bourke-White:
You mean he gave up... married life?
Kasturba Gandhi:
Four times he tried, and failed. But then he took a solemn vow.
Margaret Bourke-White:
And he has never broken it?
Kasturba Gandhi:
Not yet.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:04.252
Does it rankle being separated in this way
00:00:07.882 --> 00:00:10.133
ln ind philosophy
00:00:10.968 --> 00:00:12.427
the way to God
00:00:12.636 --> 00:00:15.388
is to free yo rself of possessions
00:00:16.348 --> 00:00:17.765
and of passions
00:00:18.684 --> 00:00:23.001
Bapu has always struggled to find the way to God
00:00:26.817 --> 00:00:30.987
Do yo mean that he gave up married life
00:00:33.616 --> 00:00:36.326
Fo r times he tried
00:00:37.998 --> 00:00:38.536
and failed
00:00:40.289 --> 00:00:42.029
But then he took a solemn vow
00:00:45.127 --> 00:00:46.336
And he's never broken it

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Timestamp in movie: 02h 30m 12s
Uploaded: 20 November, 2022
Genres: drama, history
Summary: In the early years of the 20th century, Mohandas K. Gandhi, a British-trained lawyer, forsakes all worldly possessions to take up the cause of Indian independence. Faced with armed resistance from the British government, Gandhi adopts a policy of 'passive resistance', endeavouring to win freedom for his people without resorting to bloodshed.


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Margaret Bourke-White - Candice Bergen
Kasturba Gandhi - Rohini Hattangadi