I'm sorry, Brian, but you'll have to sit next to the Pritchard girl after all. The Antons...

The Antons can't come
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Lady Dalroy:
I'm sorry, Brian, but you'll have to sit next to the Pritchard girl after all.
Brian Cameron:
The Antons can't come.
Lady Dalroy:
Brian Cameron:
Letter from her?
Lady Dalroy:
No. From him.
Brian Cameron:
Lady Dalroy:
Yes. Apparently she's ill. Very tiresome of her.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.418
I'm sorry Brian but you'll have to
00:00:02.585 --> 00:00:04.067
sit next to the Pritchard girl after all
00:00:05.629 --> 00:00:06.964
The antons can't come No
00:00:07.131 --> 00:00:07.923
Letter from her
00:00:08.009 --> 00:00:08.882
No From him
00:00:09.999 --> 00:00:09.883
00:00:10.001 --> 00:00:10.884
Yes Apparently she's ill
00:00:11.051 --> 00:00:12.999
Very tiresome of her

Clip duration: 13 seconds
Views: 152
Timestamp in movie: 01h 02m 37s
Uploaded: 07 December, 2022
Genres: crime, drama, mystery
Summary: Ten years after her aunt was murdered in their London home, a woman returns from Italy in the 1880s to resume residence with her new husband. His obsessive interest in the home rises from a secret that may require driving his wife in


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Lady Dalroy - Heather Thatcher
Brian Cameron - Joseph Cotten