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That's fine

[Louis Tully is the Ghostbusters' defense lawyer]

Louis Tully:
I think you guys are making a big mistake. I do mostly tax law and probate stuff occasionally. I got my law degree at night school.
Well, that's fine, Louis. We got arrested at night.

Yeah, and anything associated with
the baby, especially stuffed toys.
- Then we'd like to see the buggy.
- All right. Can I put him here?
- And wherever he sleeps.
- Yes.
- This'll be fine.
- This okay?
- That's fine.
- Okay.
We'll have to lay him down flat.
Okay, sweetheart, now they're
gonna take a look at you.
We'll do a cursory
medical examination.
What do you say? Gammel and
Pross Infant Acuity Test?
Sounds good. We'll finish
with an Apgar score.
It's nothing that's
gonna hurt him, right?
No. No, I don't think so.
He'll be fine.

Clip duration: 40 seconds
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Movie: Ghostbusters II
Year: 1989
Genres: action, comedy, fantasy, sci-fi
Summary: The discovery of a massive river of ectoplasm and a resurgence of spectral activity allows the staff of Ghostbusters to revive the business.

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Louis Tully - Rick Moranis