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What are you doing

Peter Venkman:
[to Egon]
Who told you to stop cutting? Somebody tell you to stop cutting?
First Cop:
What are you guys doing here?
Peter Venkman:
[to First Cop]
You tell him to stop cutting?
First Cop:
Yes, I told him to stop cutting. What are you doing?
Peter Venkman:
What's it look like we're doing here? Why don't you let us work? We let you work.
[to Peter]
Hey, take it easy.
[to First Cop]

He's been working overtime. I'll tell you why we're here. We're here because some diaper bag downtown's being a jerk and making us work on a Friday night. Am I right, Peter?
Peter Venkman:
Of course you're right, Raymond.
[to Egon]

Peter Venkman:
Is he right, Ziggy?

Under the arch there.
Everything you're doing is bad.
I want you to know this.
You be careful there, all right?
No one listens to me.
Well, Dana, how are you doing?
- How's this Bonington coming?
- It's coming along fine.
This mixture you gave me
is working really well.
Yes? Well, I make pretty
good cocktails, don't I?
Yes, you're doing really
- quite good work there.
- Thank you.
It won't be long before
you can assist me in...
more important restoration.
Just a... A white thing.
Well, thank you, Dr. Poha.
- Janosz.
- Janosz.
Um, I've enjoyed working here,
but now that my baby's a little older, I'm
gonna try to go back to the orchestra.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that
you will not... Be not here.
Well, could I say goodbye?
You know, maybe bring
you to a brunch today?
Well, I can't today, I have an
appointment. In fact, I'd better go.
I don't understand this. You know, every
day I say, "Can you do something?"
You say, "No, I can't
do something."
- Do I have bad breath or something?
- Of course not.
All right. Well, I'll
give you a rain check.
I think that she likes me.
No, I do. I truly do.
This one's interesting,
Ray. Berlin, 1939.

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Movie: Ghostbusters II
Year: 1989
Genres: action, comedy, fantasy, sci-fi
Summary: The discovery of a massive river of ectoplasm and a resurgence of spectral activity allows the staff of Ghostbusters to revive the business.

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First Cop - Dave Florek