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God Bless America quotes

God Bless America poster
On a mission to rid society of its most repellent citizens, terminally ill Frank makes an unlikely accomplice in 16-year-old Roxy.

Director: Bobcat Goldthwait
Writer: Bobcat Goldthwait
Production: Darko Entertainment
Genre: comedy, crime, drama
Year: 2011
MetaScore: 56/100
ImdbRating: 7.2
BoxOffice: $122,550
Released: 31 May 2012
Awards: 5 nominations.

25 Clips & Quotes


Frank - Joel Murray
Chloe's Dad - Larry Miller
Chloe's Mom - Dorie Barton
Tampon-Throwing Tuff Gurl - Guerrin Gardner
Melissa Tuff Gurl - Kellie Ramdhanie
Steven Clark - Aris Alvarado
John Tyler - Romeo Brown
American Superstarz Judge - Sandra Vergara
American Superstarz Judge - Jamie Harris
Morning Show Host - Alexie Gilmore
Morning Show Host - James McAndrew
Frank's Boss - Geoff Pierson
Office Staff - Tom Kenny
Office Staff - Eliza Coyle
Office Staff - Jill Talley
Office Staff - Joe Liss
Co-Worker - Bryce Johnson
Office Worker - Cameron Denny
Ronald - Scot Zeller
Mutual of Onodaga Security Guard - Danny Geter
Doctor - Dan Spencer
Medical Building Woman - Leslie Noble
Michael Fuller - Regan Burns
TMI Host - Bruce Nozick
TMI Flunky - Orson Oblowitz
Stan Kurtz - Frank Conniff
Party Planner #1 - Tom Lenk
Party Planner #2 - Jack Plotnick
Fast Food Employee - Morgan Murphy
Girl Who Gets Shot in Movie Theater - Gilland Jones
Kimberly Black - Naomi Glick
Boy Who Gets Shot in Movie Theater #1 - Jacob DeMonte-Finn
Boy Who Gets Shot in Movie Theater #2 - Carson Aune
Man with Cell Phone Who Gets Shot - Toby Huss
Sophia Milo - Iris Almario
Pancake Eating Pedophile - Tony V.
Singing Waitress - Mo Gaffney
Roxy's Mother - Andrea Harper
Roxy's Father - David Mendenhall
American Superstarz Crew Member - Steve Agee
American Superstarz Security Guard Who Gets Shot - Christopher Doyle
Police Captain - Kirk Bovill
Robbie Barkley - Michael Carbonaro
American Superstarz Backdoor Security Guard - Philip Anthony Traylor
Reverend Goran - Paul Eliopoulos
Shady Gun Dealer - Mike Tristano
Guy Who Runs in the Audience and Gets Shot - Lon Gowan
Ashylee Chloe's BFF - Samantha Droke
Skylar Chloe's Other BFF - James Rustin
Dancer - Nathan Kim
Dancer - Zuzana Lova
Dancer - Suze Q
Angry Tea Bagger - Brad Rowe
Paparazzi - Nate Scholz
Press Conference Reporter - Juliana Acosta
American Superstarz Fan - Fileena Bahris
PR Rep for Pop Stars - Ellen Baker
Bodyguard - I. Elijah Baughman
(voice) - David Boat
Rich High School Kid - Claude Bragg
Jerky Boy #2 - Aaron Burt
Innocent Victim in Audience - Andrea Calabrese
American Superstarz Guitarist - Kyle A. Carrozza
American Superstarz Fan - Travis Chesney
Press Conference Cameraman - James Darling
Extra - Curt Darwin
Office Worker - Sarah B. Downey
Extra - Joe Ford
Popular Friend - Jon Gormley
Baton Twirler - Alana Gospodnetich
TMI Camera man - Frederick Gourgue
Waitress - Lynn Haro
Bloody Audience Member - D'Janine King-Lasky
American Superstarz Fan - Melissa LeEllen
Southern Baptist Protester - Tommy Shayne Manfredi
American Superstar Crewmember - Montgomery Markland
Office Employee - Daniel Marson
Bodyguard - Tom Massmann
Bloody Audience Member - Kat McPhee
Rejected Boy - David Jason Perez
Security Guard - Lenny Porterfield
Average Student - Jennifer Powers
Shooter and Police Officetr - Mike Jerome Putnam
Press Conference Reporter - Maico Roa
American Superstarz Celebrity - Claudia Serven
Restaurant Patron - Patrick Stalinski
Standing Cameraman - Nevan Stewart
Female Jogger - Sasha Stuber
Office Worker - Christopher Swank
Man in Hallway - William P. Szczech
American Superstarz Fan - Victor Taylor
Baptist Protester - Dustin York