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"Goltzius and The Pelican Company" quotes

Goltzius and The Pelican Company poster
Goltzius and the Pelican Company tells the story of Hendrik Goltzius, a late 16th century Dutch printer and engraver of erotic prints. A contemporary of Rembrandt and, indeed, more celebrated during his life, Goltzius seduces the Margrave of Alsace into paying for a printing press to make and publish illustrated books. In return, he promises him an extraordinary book of pictures of illustrating the Old Testament’s biblical stories. Erotic tales of Lot and his daughters, David and Bathsheba, Samson and Deliah and John the Baptist and Salome. To tempt the Margrave further, Goltzius and his printing company will offer to perform dramatisations of these erotic stories for his court.

Director: Peter Greenaway
Writer: Peter Greenaway
Production: N/A
Genre: history
Year: 2012
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 6.5
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 05 Feb 2014
Awards: 1 win & 1 nomination


Hendrick Goltzius - Ramsey Nasr
The Margrave - F. Murray Abraham
Strachey - Hendrik Aerts
Messenger - Boris Bakal
Boethius - Giulio Berruti
Rabbi Moab - Francesco De Vito
Samuel van Gouda - Pippo Delbono
Amos Quadfrey - Lars Eidinger
Adaela - Kate Moran
Marie - Nada Abrus
(voice) - Sanna Anemaet
(voice) - Ruth Becker
Gottlieb - Goran Bogdan
Sophie - Truus de Boer
(voice) - Klaas de Groot
(voice) - Lianne Diederen
(voice) - Henriette Frans
(voice) - Herman Hulsman
Priest 4 - Tvrtko Juric
Churchman 2 - Vedran Komericki
Isadora - Maaike Neuville
Priest 3 - Milan Plestina
Portia - Halina Reijn
Ricardo del Monte - Vincent Riotta
Johannes Cleaver - Stefano Scherini
Churchman 1 - Enes Vejzovic
Priest 2 - Samir Vujcic
Joachim - Vedran Zivolic
Beatrice Fereres - Katja Zupcic