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Guava Island quotes

Guava Island poster
Small time musician Deni Maroon and his loving girlfriend, Kofi Novia, live on a beautiful but impoverished small tropical island called Guava Island that's controlled by a brutal paramilitary group, Red Cargo. The island's main resource is a beautiful, expensive, blue silk produced by a silkworm unique to the island, but the island's textile industry and export is controlled by the paramilitary group and the islanders are forced to work for them every day of the week - the women at the textile factory, and the men at the shipping docks. One day, Deni, who works part time at the docks and part time as the local radio station's house musician whose passionate music is extremely popular among the islanders, decides to hold a secret concert in the evening to make everyone happy, if only for a day. However, the leader of Red Cargo, who also controls the textile industry and export, warns Deni not to do it or the islanders will be too tired to come to work the day after the concert and he ...

Director: Hiro Murai
Writer: Donald Glover (story by), Stephen Glover (story by), Ibra Ake (story by), Jamal Olori (story by), Fam Udeorji (story by), Stephen Glover (screenplay by)
Production: New Regency Pictures
Year: 2019
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 6.7
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 13 Apr 2019
Awards: 4 nominations.

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Deni Maroon - Donald Glover
Kofi Novia - Rihanna
Yara Love - Letitia Wright
Red Cargo - Nonso Anozie
Butcher - Renny Arozarena
Shopkeeper Woman - Barbara Janet Martinez
Deni's Neighbor - Pedro Julio Diaz
Deni's Neighbor - Pedro Julio Díaz Ferran
Red's Secretary - Talia Gómez
Woman at Concert - Claudia Rivero Martínez
Factory Guard - Luis Enrique Carreres
Fruit Lady - Mayra Mazorra
Radio Station Engineer - Enrique Quiñones
Man at Concert - Daniel Amat Rodríguez
Red's Thug - Marley Palma Bosh
Woman at the River - Greisy Ariosa Muguercia
Woman at the River - Lisbet La Pera Quiñones
Woman at the River - Osmara Berta Ival Montenegro
Steel Drummer - Yenni Gonzalez Pavon
Deni's Band - Bass - Yanara García Calderón
Deni's Band - Percussion - Dariel Pérez Pérez
Deni's Band - Minor Percussion - Yamilka Pérez Pérez
Deni's Band - Piano - Andys Triana Gonzáles
Deni's Band - Trumpet - Waldir Iznaga Espada
Deni's Band - Guitar - Ernesto Gómez
Deni's Band - Conga - Jorge Enrique Vicente Munoz
Deni's Band - Drums - Rodney Barreto
Deni's Band - Trumpet - Alejandro Delgado Rodriguez
Deni's Band - Saxophone - Jamil Schery Calderon
El Alacran - Director - Santos Eduardo Ramirez Garcia
El Alacran - Quinto - Yoneisi Perez Bonilla
El Alacran - Salidor - Yasser Marrero Molinet
El Alacran - Salidor - Orali Penalver Hermida
El Alacran - Bombo - Wilber Santa Cruz Hermida
El Alacran - Bombo - Duniel Medina Rivero
El Alacran - Conga - Barbaro Biant Hermida
El Alacran - Rebajador - Raudel Rodriguez Castro
El Alacran - Dos - Ivan Jose Isaac Montes
El Alacran - Redoblante - Deivis Adrian Rodriguez Hernandez
El Alacran - Censerro - Mayke Raido Fraguera Penalver
El Alacran - Contraclave - Yeremi Zamora Reyes
El Alacran - Trombone - Odin Nuevas Duperry
El Alacran - Trumpet - Yunior Cutino Parodi
Silk Factory Dancer - Sherrie Silver
Silk Factory Dancer - Keyla Castellon
Silk Factory Dancer - Naomy Sanchez
Silk Factory Dancer - Duannis
Silk Factory Dancer - Jessi Gutiérrez
Dock Dancer - Yordan Herrera
Dock Dancer - Abelardo Oliver
Dock Dancer - Odesa de los Santos
Dock Dancer - Carlos Rojas
Dock Dancer - Dayron Jímenez
Dock Dancer - Joan Mulet
Festival Dancer - Jorge Calvaire
Festival Dancer - Zaida Aymerich