Michael Myers
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God, they should have handled him more carefully. Who? Michael Myers. Michael Myers? Yeah,...

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God, they should have handled him more carefully.
Laurie Strode:
Michael Myers.
Laurie Strode:
Michael Myers?
Yeah, he's the guy who was after you tonight.
Laurie Strode:
You mean from the Myers House? That little kid who killed his sister? But he's in a hospital somewhere!
He escaped last night.
Laurie Strode:
How do you know?
It's all over the radio. Television too, it's on right now.
Laurie Strode:
Why me? I mean, why *me*?

Okay. Okay. Come on. Get you that Coke later. Out! Moments ago, police reported that Michael Myers, formerly of Haddonfield, who fled the Smith's Grove-Warren County Sanitarium last night, was believed to have burned to death. Meanwhile, three bodies were discovered in the upstairs bedroom of the house directly behind me. Identification of the victims is being withheld pending notification... Forget that. Forget that. I wanna concentrate on the house. Talk to some kids. See if anybody saw anything. All right, you need their parents' permission to use a statement. If you can't find the parents, get a statement anyway. Not now. Just a minute, fellas.

Clip duration: 68 seconds
Views: 121
Timestamp in movie: 00:00:00
Uploaded: 13 December, 2020
Genres: horror
Summary: While Dr. Loomis hunts for Michael Myers, a traumatized Laurie is rushed to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, and The Shape is not far behind her.


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Jimmy - Lance Guest
Laurie Strode - Jamie Lee Curtis